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Microsoft tries to sell home Office users on subscription pricing

Daniel Warner

UK users?

No doubt that will be 'converted' to £99.

USB 3.0 speed to DOUBLE in 2013

Daniel Warner

Wow. Just wow. These people are amazing. They talk about the "sound" going down the cable. IT'S A DATA CABLE!!! If the data gets to the other end, it gets there. End of. Anyone buying thus stuff needs their head examined.

Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone

Daniel Warner

The whole os?

The whole windows phone os is rubbish eh? Have you ever actually used it? And I don't mean reading a review from some Apple ir Google biased reviewer. Or fiddling with it in a shop.

Yes, it has faults but so do all the others. I just think people are now too quick to dismiss it.

We need more competition in the market..

Microsoft Security Essentials loses AV-TEST certification

Daniel Warner


Try Comodo AV. They do just av or a full suite for free. It throws up a few more messages than some but it does a great job of stopping stuff.

Ten Linux apps you must install

Daniel Warner

At last!

Hear hear! The voice of reason at last. GUIs and command-line/terminal use can coexist. Even on Windows.

Amazon UK to offer collection service at corner shops

Daniel Warner


Collect+ is independent. They use Yodel as well as CityLink and DHL and possibly others.

Daniel Warner

No loss

Unfortunately using Collect+ means the delivery firms are still getting the business, if not more actually, as it still uses a combination of CityLink DHL and others to deliver to and from the shops.

I've been using this service for ages actually, so Amazon are a bit slow to pick this up (pun alert!!)

Nexus 7 and Surface: A bonanza for landfill miners

Daniel Warner

Apple employee alert

And why exactly is 'access to stuff' easier on an iPad? There is nothing, NOTHING, an iPad does that can't be done just as easy or as enjoyable on a decent android tab (I'm sure that applies to a win 8 tablet too but I haven't tried one yet)

I'm sick of the fanaticism and devotion that the media put on Cupertino's products. Yes, they're decent enough, but so are countless other devices. Show some balance please.

Nokia lights up Bat Signal for Lumia 900

Daniel Warner

Re: what?

WP7 DOES support SD Cards. I have a Samsung Focus with 8Gb built in and a 32Gb card. It isn't hot-swappable but who does that anyway? It's up to the mfrs to include one or not.

Yet again we have the Msoft-hating trolls who tell us how rubbish WP7 is and I bet they haven't even tried it, they're just swayed by false media. I love Android but I much prefer WP7. Having just two dominant OS choices is bad people, we need variety in the market. I just wish the shops would train their staff on ALL of them, Blackberry, Symbian, WP7 included.

Apple, Google, RIM in smartphone dead heat

Daniel Warner


What about Smartphone users? I bet Symbian will come up with a much higher figure if you consider the phones that are actually being USED. Yes, it's a declining OS but what about all those stuck with one until their contract runs out? They seem to be ignored in all the magazines and web articles as if it doesn't exist. It's still a capable OS, it's just the UI which is F-Ugly

Intel demos MeeGo 'tablet user experience'

Daniel Warner

Looks good

Why does everyone just immediately jump on and say 'Apple iOS is loads better' - 'Not as good as Android' etc etc. Choice is a good thing everyone. What you prefer someone else will hate. I love it when there is a few to choose from instead of just two.

I personally hate the iOS way of doing things (Grid of icons, scroll right, ooh look more icons ad nauseum, no 'interface' at all). I also dislike the Android interface just ported to tablets as they are NOT phones, they should be treated as a different device, Android 3 looks promising tho. Windows 7 doesn't work either as it NEEDS a keyboard and mouse. I quite like the look of this Meego mallarkey and I hope it does actually get used on a device or two.

My 2p. :)

Social levelling with the iPad

Daniel Warner


Whilst I agree with your sentiment how can you call the ipood, sorry ipad, affordable? It's £500 ffs!! Yes, it's sexy for a geeky toy and everyone's first impression is 'cool!' but when my 5 year old £300 laptop wil do EVERYTHYING it can do and more and it has keyboard, the battery lasts hours and is replaceable. No, it isn't a touch screen but boohoo.

Affordable my a***!

Mozilla turns out Firefox 4 beta candidate builds

Daniel Warner

re: What do you want new tabs opened as?

99.9% eh? Are you making figures up? I NEVER want my default homepage opened when I open a new tab, in any of the browsers. The best system is either Chrome or Opera where it opens a page with 'speed dial' type boxes. Chrome's system of the most frequently accessed pages seems the best to me, but Opera's speed dial system where you pick the pages is also good. However, a blank page is ok too as when I open tab, it's to go somewhere specific, not just to go 'home' - that's what the 'Home' button is for!

Microsoft throws Office 2010 at shoppers

Daniel Warner
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If you actually USED it...

For anyone that needs any office software this is an absolute MUST. Openoffice just doesn't cut it in ANY way. Yes, for those people who very rarely do anything office-y then it's fine, but for anyone who needs PROPER office software that is powerful yet easy to use, there really is no alternative.

I'm no M'soft fanboi, but this one they have got right. I don't need to list why, there are 100s of reviews out there already and most of them are glowing.

I urge you to at least try it, not just bash it coz that's the popular view on here.

Panasas adds high-capacity archive box

Daniel Warner


That's some serious storage space. I worry about the durability of all those hard drives and also the amount of heat/noise it will produce but anything is better than crappy tapes - surely someone could have invented a better universal backup system by now? (And before anyone says, I don't consider 'Cloud' backup a viable option and hard drives by themselves are just not durable enough for me.)

Quote:"The PAS HC price is intended to be less than a dollar per GB."

That's nearly a $million for the 960Tb version!!

WD targets Win XP users to ease 4KB drive upgrades

Daniel Warner

OS debates?

Why does everything turn into an OS debate? I get that there are still some companies running OS/2 or even DOS but why come on here and stir it up into a debate about which OS is best? Would you recommend we all downgrade to 8 bit tape-driven computers? No?

This article is about a new hard drive software to help Windows XP users for crap's sake! Let's be grateful for WD for releasing this software for those who still run XP.

Chill everyone!

MS botches Office 2010 prices, hikes Professional by £30

Daniel Warner

Not the amount but the exchange...

It isn't that it is priced too high, it is just YET ANOTHER case where we in Blighty get completely SHAFTED by a software company. How can they justify that exchange rate? If it was that they spent a lot of money making it 'British' I'd be a bit more sympathetic, but the ONLY thing they do is sort out the spelling dictionary (Which they still get wrong anyhoo) - they rest of the software is as US oriented as any other.


Firefox flaws make up 44% of all browser bugs?

Daniel Warner

Open Source??

Who really cares if it's open source or not? Allowing some spotty teenager access to the source code so he can add his favourite little feature is not a good thing in my books. If a program works better/faster/more securely I will use it, whether it's open source or proprietary.

I see most FF fanbois on here going on about Noscript and Ad-block being the main reason they use it. Those 'features' are available on IE, Opera (It's built in actually if you'd bothered to look) and even Chrome/Safari.

Why do people on this subject feel they have to judge and ridicule others just because they use a different browser to them? Just grow up people!

Disconnection phone scam targets UK consumers

Daniel Warner

Not surprising

I am actually surprised this doesn't happen more. So many companies, banks included, call you with no Caller ID and then ask YOU to provide THEM with ID!! There is no way to prove who they are and it is them who called you!

Mozilla tries to shunt Firefox 3.0 users over to 3.5

Daniel Warner

Just use a better browser instead...

I have never really jumped on the FF bandwagon - I never saw what the fuss was about. It has more security vulnerabilities than IE these days and is r-e-a-l-l-y slow to even open. Use Opera as my main browser (Each version gets better and better), Chrome when I just need to look up something quickly (It's the fastest browser to open and get me on the web by a long shot) and IE when a page is just not written properly.

Mine's the one with the FF flames on it...

What's the best AMD CPU for my mobo?

Daniel Warner

Depends on what you need it for...

If you want the fastest for your money, then depending on stock, the X2 6000 is still a brilliant cpu - it runs at 3Ghz and is dual core. If you want newer technology then you could go for the Phenom but in your price range the only one you could get is the triple core 8450 which runs at 2.1Ghz but is about $10 more. Lastly, if you want lower power consumption, then you could go for the Athlon X2 BE 2400 which runs at 2.3Ghz but uses loads less power. Don't forget to get decent ram to go with it tho - 2Gb is the minimum I would go for and get decent PC-6400 speeds or higher if you want to overclock.

AVG revamps free security scanner

Daniel Warner

How about PC Tools AV?

I too dislike so-called 'free' products that use their free-ness to try and sell their paid-for products using intrusive pop-ups. I used to use AVG until it started nagging me so much it got on my nerves. I switched to Avira until they too got even worse. I now use PC Tools anti-virus (www.pctools.com) on all my secondary systems and on customer's machines and it works a treat, the only indication that it isn't a paid for product is a fairly inocuous 'Upgrade' button and the fact it won't update as automatically as the paid for version. A great app from a company that knows what they are doing (They are the guys behind the excellent Spyware Doctor after all)

Just so you don't think I'm a free-loader, I have Kaspersky on my main PC that I paid for, and am considering switching to Eset's new 'Smart Security' when my license runs out.

As everyone else here, I too think Norton, Mcafee, et al are just a pile of poo!

Torrent overflows Opera

Daniel Warner

Just to confirm how good Opera is...

This just confirms to me that i am using the best browser out there. as soon as they discover a bug, it gets fixed straight away. When you compare how many security fixes Opera has had compared to Firefox and IE, it sure makes me feel safer and a little warm and fuzzy to the developers..

/me joins group hug... ;)

Sin City director to remake Barbarella

Daniel Warner


Once you get over the fact that the original was made a million years ago and the fact that it has a provocatively dressed, strong female lead, it was actually a very poor movie so I'm just hoping he uses his talents to actually make a good version of it, instead of just doing a shot-for-shot remake.

I actually love his movies, they always make me laugh or cringe which is a good sign the film is well made. I rate 'Dusk till Dawn' and the 'El Mariachi/Desperados' franchise as some of my favourite movies ever...

Thunderbird 2 is go

Daniel Warner

I actually agree with Kevin...

I am complete agreement with Kevin. Thunderbird is _OK_, but just doesn't really innovate in any way. Tagging? Wow, that's a real killer feature that is!

I'm not a OE fan, but you guys keep referring to OE from years ago and it has actually been developed since then. The new Windows Mail on Vista, while not radically different, adds junk mail filtering and external image restriction and sort of integrates with the new Vista calendar. All Kevin meant (At least, what I got from it anyway, without having the ability to read his mind!) is that Thunderbird isn't a huge departure from OE 7 years ago. If you're going to compare them, compare the current version.

Having said that, I use Outlook, which is a different beast altogether, and the 2007 version is the best yet. I do understand that it's price is prohibitive to most people.

In my mind, if you want a client that copes with 1000s of messages, has a good filtering system, junk mail filter, and even skinning ability, look no further than The Bat! - it is continually developed and is by far and away the best client for the money.

The one thing I look for in a client is the ability to shrink it out the way and it not consume too much of my system, which Outlook and The Bat! both do, but OE and Thunderbird doesn't.

Remember, Open Source isn't the only way, and free doesn't always mean free, especially if it takes more time to learn a new system and when you can't get support apart from on forums which are populated by open source fanatics anyway. Also, the fact that the source is open means it is less secure in my opinion, not more that most people think. Just look at how many vulnerabilities that have been found in Firefox compared to Opera for proof of that...

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