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Adobe man to Apple: 'Go screw yourself'

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Jobs Halo

Jobs vs. Stockholders

The Adobe fiasco is not nearly as serious as Jobs refusal to pay a dividend with all that cash he is holding.

His response to the question of dividends was as though stockholders had asked him to document the source of his transplanted organ(s).

MS update gives some XP boxes the Blue Screen

kondor vlastos

Not only XP -

The latest Defender update has destroyed two Vista machines, and one now claims that the OS installed by Dell OEM is not genuine. So, I sent an email to Microstuff asking for their assistance in a law suit against Dell. I had to call the Gujariati lady in Delhi to reactivate which is a delight.

Of course Windows is crap. Their enterprise model is thievery negating any possibility that their software would be a quality offering. Is Ballmer looking more and more like Don Rickles, or is that just me?

Makes one grateful for the Turkish government and Pardus 2009.1.

Apple shares plunge after Jobs 'heart attack'

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Medical veracity -

One would need a heart to have a heart "attack". Obviously, the report would have been noted immediately as "spam" by a medical professional.

The medical truth is that pancreatic cancer (if that is what it is) is incurable and always fatal. It is more the character of the "market" that facts are ignored rather than acknowledged.

It is also the character of Appleheads and the market that Jobs would be viewed as essential to the overall success of Apple. If that were true, then the stock is worthless beginning ----


Ballmer on banking crisis: No one is safe

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MS & Bailout

Ballmer's sagacity equals Vista performance - he calls for the EU Central Bank to "be intelligent". It was the Central Bank (the FED) that caused the problem by excessive 'liquidity'. Obvious solution - more liquidity?

The clue to the mess is the price of oil. Down or up? As credit freezes, oil goes down. SWAPS!

Buried in the bailout was a disguised, hidden, coded permission for banks to operate - business_as_usual - without any reserves at all. Zero. Nada. In any case, that will be the law in 2011.

Microsoft is dependent upon new hardware sales, as in PCs and laptops. Fewer units sold will have a direct effect upon Microsoft.

Since my neighbors and I cannot find gasoline to buy, the likelihood of us rushing to buy new computers stands at = no. Another 'crisis' myth, that of the hurricane stopping flow of gasoline. In fact, Colonial Pipeline was nearly empty days before the hurricane hit. LACK OF PRODUCT timed perfectly to meet the FINANCIAL CRISIS.

There is a need for a bailout however - someone should buy Congressman Barney Frank some teeth. Or "teef".

Red Hat hack prompts critical OpenSSH update

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Paris Hilton

Linux good!

Linux is the most secure system. The NSA designed SElinux so I know it is the most secure. Linux cannot be hacked. Windows is bad! The NSA helped Windows be secure since Win 95 and they helped Lotus be secure too but Windows is bad. Linux cannot ever be hacked cause it rocks!

I want your bank to use RedHat so I can make a loan!

Microsoft running on at least 220,000 servers

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Paris Hilton

"foaming at the moth"

And, MS has had an office at the NSA for a very long time where they received assistance with all those "back doors". I mean, who really knows what goes on behind those Blue Screens?

Pity the Russians didn't really invade GA and straighten out the traffic in Atlanta.

IBM gets hip with 'cool' Ubuntu PC deal

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Jobs Horns


And the award goes to -

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! The whole point of Notes is the only people who "master" it are the little troglodytes who like picking their noses and coding in caves, and bitching about normal users who don't understand the gnomic buttons or menus in the client and who refuse to "leverage" all the "features" that no-one would want to use in a million years."

Why have all assumed that Ubuntu is Linux? Is it truly?


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