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Rest your head against a train window, hear VOICES in your SKULL

Mark Secker

only used by ... yuppies since the 80's

remember the Bone Phone..... I do.. it was horrible.

but a consumer product that used bone induction way back in the 80's proves that like much Sky stuff they're pissin' in our ears (or bone conductors) again.


Slimmer and lighter cameras promised

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crapaculous EVF

<i> martyn • Wednesday 6th August 2008 10:54 GMT

The sensor lets you see straight through the lens (which you couldn't with a film camera) so why keep an expensive complicated and unnecessary piece of machinery? </i>

errr.... do you even know what a SLR is to have posted that comment? indeed that is the single biggest advantage of an SLR is that you DO look straight down the capture lens.

so we replace the mostly excellent pentamirror/pentaprism and reflex mirror with a totally craptacular electronic viewfinder...

don't get me wrong live view on the new DSLR's is a far far better feature than I had it pegged to be, really useful for macro focussing and for landscape composition... but you'd never want to actually shoot anything that's not static (ie 95% of real world shooting) with that nor would you with an EVF

Mark Secker


So... not a DSLR

It's digital? check,

it's got a single lens? check

Reflex mirror? no.....

So it's no DSLR 'cause it's got no reflex (that's the mirror... it doesn't have to flip the mirror to be a reflex camera. TLS's - twin lens reflex - camera's don't flip their mirrors ('cause they don't need to) nor do EOS RT film SLR's ('cause they use a "two way mirror" reflex mirror)

so it's an oversized (probably over priced) Point & Shoot with swappable lenses



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