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About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer

robert seaford

Clients crashed last w/e

Wish I'd seen this before now, as tried all tricks to recover system, but had to bite the bullit and do a re-install - fortunately all personal data was on a separate drive.

Of course system was using Avast, will now expect to see others.

The whole concept of Microsoft updates on Win10 is ill-thought out and is, in my opinion, the reason why more users are either moving away to alternatives - some have also gone back to Win 7. Microsoft need to go back to the drawing board on the update process.

I'm sticking to Win 7 on my personal multiboot system (rarely use win 10)

Breathe coughs to email upgrade bodge

robert seaford

Its working was perhaps premature

My comment earlier was perhaps in hope than reality.

Guess my optimism of yesterday was misplaced!

Yesterday some emails came down into OE, but webmail was inaccessible

Today webmail is accessible, there are new emails there, but OE cannot see them (and no error is reported).

Oh what a mess!

robert seaford


Its taken 16 days not 10, Breathe are telling porkies, when the system came back yesterday, I checked my personal details, all there including phone numbers, email addresses etc.

However while I am getting emails now into OE, I am still not able to get into webmail, as there is a problem with the password (same as with OE, but is being rejected both user name breathe,com & email address breathemail.net)

Message to Marcus East: As you've got it so wrong, you might as well as make a clean breast of it, and tell the truth the whole truth - you might then be able to get some respect.

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