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Anonymous relaunches fight against Scientology

Peter van Rijn

re. anonymous

It has become clear to me over the years that behind the continuous attacks on Scientology there are special interest groups that want to discredit Scientology because they are afraid that Scientology exposes their crimes and the general public will believe the Scientologist exposures. This mechanism of trying to kill the repute of the "whistleblower" is not only used for Scientology. History is full of it. The Scientologists are brave enough to expose the wholesale murder of children and actually of who not? by the psychiatric/ pharmaceutical conglomerate who with their billion pounds profit making killer pills get to everybody who is vulnarable and who gets subsequently diagnosed with invented mental illnesses like "shopping disorder, discaculi". I hope people will start to think for themselves and find out what Scientology really is. I am sure that the anonymous core leaders are being paid out from these vested interests blood dollars.

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