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Understanding the network energy efficiency challenge


It was THIS big, honest...

Well, the Greens aren't exactly known for modesty (or accuracy) but 10,000 times? that must be a world record for exaggeration, even by them.


Going up hills past blokes with coke-bottle legs: The Smart E-bike


Re: Pointless limitations @ Pisartis

From experience, most pushbikes are being operated illegally anyway so I'm not sure they'd give two hoots about speed limits. The attraction of the thing is not so much that it's green or healthy, but that it doesn't have a numberplate.

Two days back, had a near miss as a car and van came through roadworks whilst the lights on my side were green. Turns out they were following the cyclist ahead of them and hadn't noticed that he was intentionally redlighting. Probably was thinking he was narrow enough to squeeze by the oncoming traffic so why the hell obey a silly stop sign? . Basically, and a danger to all road and footway users.


Midlands police cuff war driving duo


If you made your house into a pub-lookalike...

with an illuminated "Tennents" sign on the wall, etc.. Then you would have no legal grounds to arrest any members of the public you find on the premises, as it it is not necessary to seek permission to enter a PUBLIC house. On the contrary, it woud be your fault for sending-out a misleading message to passers-by.

Likewise, a wireless connection which electronicaly advertises itself as being a public facility must surely fall into the same category. The fact that the owner is stupid enough to leave it like this is neither here nor there.

I'm very concerned that these precedents could lead to molestation and harrassment of persons using laptops in cars for perfectly legitimate purposes. It's another case of protecting the stupid against their own stupidity, at the expense of eroding the rights of the public to do what is perfectly legal in a public place.



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