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Top-secret Android handset surfaces on YouTube


Google OS?

So how long do you all think?

Surely it's the next step! Microsoft have blotted their copybook significantly with Vista.

Even average home users are seeing this in their droves! (re:lots of el reg articles) and personal experience, swapping back to XP.

Apple are never gonna release a PC OS (Bill Gates lent Steve Jobs loadsa money to keep Apple alive, I'm thinking there was a OS (no can do) clause in there somewhere!!)

If some nix OS can over come the paralysing ethos and provide a well rounded installation then this is the time. It's been referred to in other articles, someone needs to just give the user what they need. No matter that everything is free, if you don't have a fully rounded OS for Granny buying her lappy, everything installed. No YUM, no apt-get etc etc. Point and shoot! Same as M$. Worked for them didn't it!?

I forgot my point! Google OS ... will put M$ to shame when it comes to personal privacy!

I have no affiliation with Google, Microsoft et al infinitum! blah blah blah

and actually I've forgotton my original point I wished to make!

Paris Hilton - the compromised candidate

Paris Hilton


I think we're all missing a very important and crucial point here


How hot's her Mum!!

Paris, because ....well just because!

Privacy watchdog hoists Google by its own petard

Paris Hilton

@More Irony


Great Photo I have to say.

If you did in fact get to sneak a few of the the Google Campus of the same quality you could probably sell them for advertising purposes!!!

I'm sure it's actually moist not hoist foist or joist btw!

Paris, because of the completely transparent reference to moistness!!

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