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Greens: Abandon economic growth to beat CO2 offshoring

Mr. Reynolds

A BIG Mistake

Mr. Bond made a big mistake in his statements to the author: he showed his true agenda.

"Bond also considered it essential that limited wealth and resources be distributed more equitably around the world."

What "wealth"? What "resources"? To whom would they be "distributed"? How would they be "distributed"? What counts as "equitable"? Who decides what is "equitable"?

"The continued pursuit of GDP, of economic growth - that is a mantra that we must question. ... That's going to mean a very large cut - 80, 90 per cent - in emissions, within 40 years."

Here Mr. Bond reveals that he wants to eliminate industrial society. For those of you who think I'm exaggerating or putting words in his mouth, consider this: do you believe that there are methods out there that would make industry and transportation (the two largest sources of carbon emissions) more efficient so that their emissions would be reduced by 80 to 90 percent? Very unlikely. How then to achieve that ambitious reduction? Think there might be some factory closures up his sleeve?

"economic wealth isn't the same as happiness or directly linked to quality of life ..."

That is Mr. Bond's consolation prize for you. He knows that you'll be happier without all the trappings of modern industrial society than you are with it. The lack of electricity and food, medicine and clothing will lead to a greater "quality of life" for you and yours. Aren't you glad Mr. Bond and the sociologists who publish such rubbish are there for you?

And how does Mr. Bond see this world coming to be? Through government force, naturally. "[T]he government and Britain in general needs to ... act to reduce [domestic and exported carbon emissions] rather than just the emissions which occur on UK territory." Combine this with his tacit admission that no one in Britain actually wants to do this: "Consumers' consumption of goods is the driver of emissions." Sounds like a perfect recipe for jackbooted troops being dispatched to ensure that no errant carbon is produced.

I just can't wait to live in the world Mr. Bond sees!


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