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Google's email service goes down

Peter Pringle

Don't google 'gmail down'

I decided to see what was up with Gmail by googling for 'gmail down'. The first result appears to be a google group with the name of my query. Clicking on the link brought up the group with a big porn banner on the top! Not exactly office safe...


iPhone 3G not compatible with existing accessories

Peter Pringle


Dammit I left my 3G iPhone charger and USB cable in the office and headed off on holiday taking the charger and cable which the robbers didn't want to take when they pinched my old 40 Gb iPod photo.

After talking about how great Apple are by using standard connectors I found that my cunning plan had been foiled and I had no way of getting any juice into the phone.

I decided to leave my fruity goodness at home and redirected my calls to my Blackberry Curve which at least has a standard mini USB power connector (nice one RIM). It's just a shame that phones don't offer an option to redirect text messages as well.



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