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Paris Hilton - the compromised candidate

Trevour Crow

Warning: Killjoy

Paris can run all she wants. She can win every electoral vote. She can't be prez unless there's a constitutional amendment. She ain't five and thirty.

American man too fat for execution

Trevour Crow

How to make everybody happy

Since the death penalty makes people squirm, I suggest a few things:

First, that those sentenced to lifetime imprisonment or death be sent to special holding areas until all appeals are exhausted. Those with less sentences would be sent elsewhere.

Second, those sentenced to death may forfeit all appeals and request an immediate execution.

Third, executees may choose between the firing squad, hanging or electrocution.

Fourth, on the final appeal in death penalties cases, the court may switch the sentence to life imprisonment.

Fifth, those sentenced life imprisonment without parole will, upon exhaustion of all appeals, will be sent to sealed areas(to prevent an innocent population of children from forming, prisoners will either be fixed or sexually segregated). Inmates will be fitted with tracking chips in case of later exoneration(in which case the inmate, if alive, will be extracted via gunship - no point taking chances). These sealed areas will be populated only by those sentenced to life and no chance of parole. Convicts sent to these camps will be educated in farming, ranching and nonviolent conflict resolution.

Sixth, those who have been sentenced to death but have exhausted their appeals instead of surrendering them will be allowed to choose execution by nitrous asphyxiation, in addition to the standard methods.

Sovereign immunity blocks DMCA suit against Air Force

Trevour Crow

First right

To the guy who compared it to art: The government(and most IT employers) generally only practice first-right; that it, you can do anything with your creation you want, so long as they don't want it(I recall something like this happening with HP and Jobs related to the Apple). The military generally won't take your pretty pictures, but code is gold.

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