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Microsoft slams 'sensationalist' Vista analysis



So all this buzz enticed me to install Vista Biz on my Windows Machine. I'm content to say it turned it into a giant box of total shit. I did a reformat/clear install to make sure none of those pesky upgrade issues happened like with Windows 95-present.

Sure it started out fine, until the first alteration I did. I extended my desktop to my second monitor. The second monitor worked fine but my primary monitor pixelated as if a bad driver was installed, or it was showing a resolution the monitor couldn't handle. This all worked fine in XP. This is using the much hyped "50 bazillion drivers included in SP1." I use a pretty standard nVidia card as well. Rebooting didn't solve the issue per Microsoft's typical $200 an incident resolution, so now I can't see a damned thing. (I didn't actually call Microsoft).

So now that my computer is a big useless shit box after about 15 minutes from the start of the install, I get to reinstall XP all over again for the second time then reinstall all my apps.

Sure, I could go through the hassle of booting in safe mode, or whatever they call it these days, but I did that shit for 10 years. I'm a programmer and I just want my shit to work. Why do I never learn.

I don't know if this is the cause, but Microsoft needs to get their coding back to the States and out of wherever the cheapest coders in the world reside. It's starting to show.

I *am* enjoying my new iMac though. I'm running XP/Visual studio via VMWare and couldn't be happier. I turned into a convert about a month ago. For me, the transition was Trash-80 (1983) -> Commodore Vic 20 -> C64 -> Amiga -> MSDos 3.3 (1990) -> Windows -> OS X (2008). I'm not quite to the point where my vehicle is donning an Apple sticker, but I'm getting there.



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