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Colchester Hospital sacks manager over lost laptop

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I think that the responsibility in this case is two-fold...the responsibility of the individual to keep his laptop stored securely (i.e. not leaving it in his car) and the responsibility of the board to make sure that hospital data and machines are secure anywhere at any time...not having an encrypted storage device is criminal nowadays as the technology is not immature and not overly expensive or difficult to deploy...for the sake of all, give the man his job back with a reprimand and look at yourselves!

Sovereign immunity blocks DMCA suit against Air Force

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They own my brain......

@Anonymous Coward...

I know I'm new here...please don't take offense...but why would you sign a contract that gave ownership of your work at home to your employer? I honestly don't think, as a developer who develops stuff in his own time, that I could do that.

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