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Jacqui's secret plan to 'Master the Internet'

Spiro Agnew

Where was the vote on this?

Or are we doing away with what little democracy we have left.

Come on Jacqui, tell us we're scum and should be thankful that your lot work hard to lock us under tyranny for "our own protection." Because the masses of unemployed, disgruntled Englishmen might very well be those terrorists you kept screaming about were going to attack us unless we gave up all our liberty.

No revolution this summer, swine flu! Everybody stay indoors!

Plods say it's OK for them give out your DNA

Spiro Agnew

Re:DNA profiles aren't anywhere near "unique"

As well as that, there's a crime scene, there's blood, but there's a multitude of skin cells discarded by EVERYONE that's been there.

Congratulations, you're all suspects.

Need an icon for the magna carta being raped by downing street, whilst set on fire and being defecated on. Not that kids these days would even know what it is.

Microsoft to kill Windows with 'web-centric' Midori?

Spiro Agnew
Paris Hilton

Who's going to trust microsoft with their details?

It didn't take me too long to find their CIA and IBM affiliations.

Now they want to make an operating system that links, (and knowing them, obligates) the use of an internet connection.

Browser histories, documents, credit card numbers. I hope this fails harder than vista, microsoft bob and winME combined.

Paris questions the sanity of anyone who thinks this is a good idea. And she's not a world class investigator, is she?

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