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BT slams bandwidth brakes on all subscribers


re comment to guy

"I don't know Be Internet, but surely they use ADSL just like most other ISPs? Since current ADSL tech in the UK can only manage 8Mb/s how could you be getting 10Mb/s?

There are several possibilities here:

1. Be use newer ADSL tech than everybody else."

Most ADSL was just resold BT Wholesale Broadband until recently. Now ISP's can get their hardware into exchanges. BE broadband (and therefore O2) broadband requires that the BE routers etc are installed at your exchange and working up to 20mbps over copper if i'm not mistaken, otherwise you get good old bt wholesale 8mbps.


The fundimental problem

The UK has one of the most archaic phone systems in the world. The lines are often copper or down here in devon old aluminium lines are still in use giving oh, 400kbps! lovely!

About time we had 100% fiber connections and then BT (and other ISP's) would just have the issue of equipment in the exchanges to the internet backbone rather than the exchange to homes and businesses.

Therefore one could have the option to pay for unlimited services which could be used to pay for equipment upgrades at the exchange side thus not impacting on other users internet experience, as currently most of the problems are end users sharing copper rather than the available bandwidth over the major internet backbones.

Too many people on what is in many places a post ww2 system.

Sovereign immunity blocks DMCA suit against Air Force

Dead Vulture

I dont get it

The shocking thing is that the software was written in his own time. If i worked on a program at home, even if it was linked to my job, it would still be mine.

What they've done is basically theft.

He offered it free with a time bomb for updates, that should be respected.

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