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Microsoft Mojave 'outs' secret Vista lovers

Arye Michael Bender

Arye Michael Bender

I am one of the people on the viral video. Microsoft duped me, not only about what I was seeing, but also how my image and words would be used.

What was demonstrated to me was very LIMITED in a highly CONTROLLED environment. I only got to see a few features that were already embedded on a very high end computer. These were demonstrated to me by a product ambassador.

Now, when I saw that I was in a commercial, I was shocked. I did not give them permission to use me to sell their product. Additionally, my evaluation of their product was limited. My comments were about how the product SEEMED under VERY CONTROLLED conditions. I have no idea how reflective of the real product their demonstration was. I don't know, and I in no way endorse their product.

Were my comments applicable to the entire Vista operating system? Absolutely not!

Microsoft twisted and spun. The product might be okay, but I have no real idea.

And I feel violated.

So if you want to be violated, get Vista. I know I never will.




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