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Spaniards show off touchscreen moto-computer tech

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Oh my word....have you seen it??? Do you understand the technology??....Because it is so new...I dont think so ...I have really looked into this because I am lucky enough to afford it - i want the best and something I can enjoy...........

I can understand uninformed comments because the car is so new and lots of people say "we have something new!!! Hurray!!!" when in reality there have been lots of false claims about a sports cars performance and technological advances in the past. This doesnt help Aspids case at the moment, being so new. However, this company has spent 5 years in development and taken the trouble to patent their technology because it is so ground breaking. If you doubt it -check out Aspidcars web site.

Let me tell you, I have ordered mine at the motorshow and I have discussed the car in great detail.

These people really care and they want to embrace not only the best in current talent in the market place but they are equally keen in utilising and developing the skills of the creme de la creme of new graduates. This is something that I am personally committed as society sometimes forgets young people...you ask them about this! They also offer consultancy advice - their skill repetoire is huge!

Because I have had to research this car prior to investing my money - lets clear up a few erronous things that have been stated on this blog:-

*The major control buttons required to drive the car are on the steering wheel and these fall easily to hand

*The steering wheel display is not touch screen

*The centre touch screen that is referred to in this blog, is for setting up the vehicles configurable parameters, before driving and for controlling the rest of the I.C.E, systems, just like any other top brand European car like Merc or BMW for example

I.C.E, I.C.E baby.......

Come on - you can comment but do a bit of research before...I have,,,,and all the other people that ordered at the motor show

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