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Yes! It's the NFC phone-bonk doorbell app AT LAST

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I have to laugh...

...as this story is posted by the man who used to have a bluetooth doorbell that could fire off a house wide PC sourced sound effect.

Read-only nation: can Open Source change the British way?

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Does it really cost more in support ?

"It’s more hassle for an IT department to request Linux, or receive rebates on Microsoft licences, or deal with a deluge of user support queries, than it is to just accept the cost."

Having worked for small PC repair companies in the past I know that all home users and small businesses expect Windows to be installed on their computers. My partner works for a local authority where all users computers are expected to have Windows installed on them. We both realize what the working knowledge of the average PC user is and it wouldn't make any difference what operating system or what application they were using, their ability to do their job would be equally as bad and the support calls would be equally as numerous.

At least if open source products were used organizations and individuals could cut down on some of their IT costs.

Apple unveils 17in MacBook, iLife tweaks, Tony Bennett

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Jobs Horns

Future EU battery directive...

If the EU gets off their collective arses Apple may one day not be able to sell their remedial kit here !


Doctors: Third babies are the same as patio heaters

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Boycott the doctors !

Please people, don't listen to these idiot doctors. It's one of your basic human rights to procreate. After all, shouldn't it always be considered such an awfully clever and skilled achievement to introduce another life onto this planet. I personally feel a deep need for you all to have as many offspring as possible, as each child you have is another possibly taxable income to help support me and the other marginally worried "baby boomers" at pensionable age. By the time my life is over, any expected ecological disaster should be well beyond retreating from and I really won't give a flying f**k about your kids miserable futures.

Please don't listen to the scaremongers and protect MY future !

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