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Yahoo! China! sued! in! US!


I still say: Stupid is as stupid does

Mike Moyle - No I didn't mean spelllNG checker. I meant spell checker, but if you'd prefer spelling checker or even spelllNG checker, not a problem. And check the word Alien in the original article.

The lawsuit is just wrong. If the US government allows this, while at the same time encouraging companies to do business in China, there is something seriously wrong with the law.

But if this woman succeeds in blaming Yahoo! for something that is only between her husband and the Chinese Government, I do agree with some of the other posts ... Yahoo!, Google and all other companies should immediately leave China and not do business there again until this is corrected. It would be like suing a newspaper because they printed an article and from the article a country prosecuted one of their citizens. And the organizations who encourage this type lawsuits are just a drain on our society. Unless everyone wants everyone else to be afraid to do anything lest they be sued, someone, somewhere needs to put a stop to this nonsense.


Stupid is as stupid does.

I hope that the US court throws this lawsuit out of court. One country cannot rule on the laws of another. If they do not, then should Yahoo! disobey the laws of the United States in the United States if some other country wants them to do so?

The human rights issues involved in this case is not the fault of Yahoo! or Google. They hardly should be held responsible for something they did not create.

If the wife of the dissident wishes to sue someone, perhaps it should be China. Where she would do this, I have no idea. But a US court should not be involved.

And the organizations backing this should be ashamed of themselves for leading her to believe that this has merit. They would serve their cause better if they acted in a responsible manner.

PS to whomever wrote this article: You may want to run the article through a spell checker before posting it. You have several errors in spelling and you use the wrong word in some cases.



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