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Mobiles finally admitted to English hospitals

Aaron Giuntini

about time!

i cannot believe all this self obsessive "i am the most important person in the world so all of you spin round me" SHITE!

letting people have their mobiles phones in hospital is VERY VERY safe!

i know from where i speak as a licensed radio amateur. there is NO equipment in hospitals these days that i know of that is not properly insulated against any interference that a phone *might* cause.

As discussed previously the cost of patientline is DISGUSTING and the tenders given out for EVERYTHING from cleaning to these phone systems is part of the problem brought about by PPP/PFI methods brought in by new labour.

Pepople feel BETTER when they can speak to people that maybe can't physically come to visit them such as elderly or infirm people or maybe it's just plain old distance.

adnim you and your self centered ilk should LEARN to think about how some things actually are a BENEFIT to others and help them along in some way in their daily life rather than piss and moan about how cruel and unfair the world is and, as i said how it should revolve round all your selfish arses!

no icon as they didn't have a "FUCK YOU YOU SELFISH TWAT" one!


SkyFire beta goes public

Aaron Giuntini
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works fine on my N85 too

listening to "the now show" on iplayer with it and watched a few youtube video on it with sound.

i am quite impressed!

video is not bad at all.

I am on vodafone too HOWEVER i am using it over my wifi connection..LOL

have to say i like it and will continue to keep using and testing it out.


SkypeOut goes mobile, Skype goes beta

Aaron Giuntini


Using fring, a client that sings into skype, aim,msn,gtalk..yadda yadda yadda yopu have been ale to make skype out call for months and months!

i know.... i have been doing so on my N95!


Reg hack insults the Parachute Regiment

Aaron Giuntini


lots of big " I Am" types slagging off the Para Reg here, and i bet none would have the nadgers to say anything to either a serving or former Para Reg soldier.

for the record folks, all this crapioca about Paras and former paras being thick is a load of crap. i got a joint honours at Glasgow uni after leaving and then went on to then put myself through my A+ as the work my degree led me too quite frankly bored me senseless and in my opinion most people who love to work in offices are petty dicks who make big issues out of trivial nonsense.

i now work happily in IT and am not thick. Paras are not thick at all,it's just a bullshit misconception much spread by wet blanket types without the nads to do what an airborne man does.

As to the laddie from Ireland who considered it sport to fling childish insults at men patrolling the streets, you do realise that wee laddies talking bollocks would be neither here nor there to a Para.

And from the tone i'd say you may well be of the republican side of things. But just remember what the Army was brought in to N.I to do......protect the catholic population from being hammered by the protestants.

If there is one thing that N.I taught me is that if you let utter bollocks like religion drive you to kill other people and think that you are right then you are an IDIOT.

I went as it was my job to go, not that i particularly wanted to be there.

why don't you actually try to be an individual and break from the dogmas that strangle your country?

i broke many a dogma i have been brought up with in the West coast of Scotland and also from the Paras and have been a committed Scottish Nationalist for the past 10 years. albeit i have served in the British Army as a Para these days i consider myself Scottish and NOT British.

all in all though i think it's hilarious that there are all these big comments from mostly Anonymous cowards(very appropriate) and people who hide behind nicknames but are basically what we used to call W.E.A.F.A's.... World Experts At Fuck All

Aaron Giuntini
Paris Hilton

el reg shouldn't piss odf a real Reg!

Speaking as a former Parachute Regiment soldier myself i fully agree with the lads from the Red Devils. To describe them as humdrum just goes to show that you man has his brains fully lodged in his bellend.

they are without doubt or exception the finest and most highly regarded display team to be fielded by any arborne force around the world BAR NONE!

Oh and the RAF don't get called flyboys generally it's crabs or crabfats as they were said to used bklue unction instead of brill cream. blue unction was used in te treatment of pubic lice better known as crabs.

Also the marines are known as bootnecks but by the Parachute Regiment they are craphats of the highest order.

lewis can blow it out his anal region as ,let's face it , the bellend was definitely a craphat.

this is not to say he was a bootneck but just a non airborne serviceman. all non Paras are craphats and he is deffo one of them.

Paris? as even she'd know not to make such as asshat move!



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