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Doctor Who to hit small screen on 1 September

Gio Ciampa

Re: Heartbreaking Exit? (Speculation)

Not 12 or 13 - just the 5 listed before the Christmas episode - the rest are due "in the Spring" and then it'll be all systems go for the 50th anniversary in the autumn.

RIM ramps up resolutions for BB10 range

Gio Ciampa

Re: Nice

Button? You mean the speaker?

NHS IT blunder biz CSC wilts as profit bleeds, costs staunched

Gio Ciampa

Re: Thats a somewhat negative view...

That sounds like a new definition of "know" that I was previously unaware of - given the mess we're in after the bank bailouts...

(With apologies as ever to DNA...)

Oooh-la-la! 'iPhone 5' bares all, strokes tiny nano-SIM in pics

Gio Ciampa

Re: "Can you jailbreak an iphone with a pair of scissors?"

Who needs scissors?

The micro-SIMs GiffGaff sent me the other day are pre-perforated so you just use the bit you need - micro or nano. (I assume other providers do the same, but I don't have anything to test that with)

Ice Cream Sandwich still a no-show for most Android users

Gio Ciampa

Re: Yes, well

For my Wildfire?

Officially - no (same as for ICS)

Unofficially - there's a JB port out there already... highly unstable at the moiment, but give it a little time...

Big biz 'struggling' to dump Windows XP

Gio Ciampa

Re: Re-write the programs.

FD will then have a coronary a couple of years later when the whole thing goes tits-up, costing how many times more to fix.

Short-termism - the bane of the modern (business) world

Ten... PC games you may have missed

Gio Ciampa

But the more people ask... the more companies should realise that there's a market out there for non-Windows gamers...

ITC denies Apple an emergency ban on ALL HTC PHONES

Gio Ciampa

Re: Is it just me...

That may be the case - but I know which of the two would last longer under serious scrutiny (unlike the "grant it anyway" mantra that exists at the moment)

Gio Ciampa

Re: Is it just me...

From the article you quote:

"The 3G patent that was found to be infringed covers a way to eliminate noise so signals are clearer."

Rather less obvious - and a damn sight more technical - than the "click on a phone number and do stuff" suit you're trying to justify

Android Jelly Bean won't get Flash Player

Gio Ciampa

Re: So...

And not forgetting the fact that there are other Flash players out there (admittedly of varying quality), and there's nothing to stop someone porting it to Android...

...not an option those in the (i)Garden have...

The Hague says Apple infringed Samsung patent

Gio Ciampa

Re: there can only be one black, rectangular fondle-phone in the world...

Steve Jobs - 1996

"We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."

iOS was SO much more valuable to Google than Android - until Maps

Gio Ciampa

Re: Apropos of money...

I believe Google are about to start allowing you to download specific areas in advance so that Maps can use them without needing a signal. No idea though whether you could download the entire UK data in one go - or how huge that might be

That said - I've been using Navfree and its UK map recently (about 235 Mb - updated every couple of months). Admittedly you have to accept that the data might have errors/omissions, but as it comes from OpenStreetmaps there's nothing stopping anyone from correcting it.

Gio Ciampa

Re: @hitmouse ... about as funny and original as ...

... says the "man" posting AC

Vodafone's small, controversial tax bill validated by UK.gov

Gio Ciampa

Re: Rich get richer etc

And how much of Vodafone is owned by giant pension funds...

...who most likely pull the exact same stunts to get out of their tax burden?

End result - tax take? what tax take?

Gio Ciampa
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Re: too costly

Hear! Hear!

Skype launches in-call ads

Gio Ciampa

Re: voice recognition --> targeted ads

Race you to the patent office!

Gio Ciampa

Re: ads, more ads, even more ads

Nice idea - in theory... until the ancient version won't talk to the current one because they've "improved" it

... just like MSN/Live Messenger did to third-party clients at regular invervals...

...and the "latest" version of Skype for Linux (in quotes as it hasn't seen an update for ages) which now refuses to share screens with the Windows version...

Apple seeks resurrection of HTC importation ban

Gio Ciampa

And did Apple have a working prototype to protect with the application - or was it just a drone in an office having a neat idea that might be useful some day?

Hands on with Nokia's 808 41Mp camphone

Gio Ciampa

Aspect ratio

7728 x 5368 ? 16:9? How exactly?

Windows Phone beats iOS sales in China

Gio Ciampa

Re: Wow

It's a custom ROM - yes (Erwin's port of the CyanogenMod 9 ROM) - but as far as I can tell all that's been done is to tweak things here and there to persuade the bits that aren't optimal on the Wildfire to get going (although that's probably quite an understatement)

See http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1473344 for more detail

Gio Ciampa

Re: Wow

You can run Ice Cream Sandwich on hardware less than 1Ghz/512Mb.

I have a Wildfire running 4.0.4 right now - see http://db.tt/2cnOFbpK for a screenshot

I'll admit it's overclocked, and there are a couple of minor issues that need looking at, but nothing that stops it being used on a day-to-day basis

Just goes to prove that specs aren't everything...

BBC deletes Blue Peter from BBC One

Gio Ciampa

Re: Seeing as how...

I'd just put CBBC and BBC3 on the same channel, given the former stops at 7pm, just as the latter starts - ditto for CBeebies and BBC4.

That way they'd save by not having to transmit the channel ident on four channels for half the day, when they could use two channels more effectively.

UK ad watchdog probes Apple iPad '4G' boasts

Gio Ciampa

Re: pot meet kettle

At least El-Reg has the decency to allow comments - odd how Auntie very rarely does for Apple stories...

Internet's first 'Hall of Fame' REVEALED

Gio Ciampa

Linus - "As creator of the Linux operating system"

Er... shouldn't that be the kernel?

Tim Cook rejects Apple's old business model of suing everyone

Gio Ciampa

Re: ""we just want people to invent their own stuff"

OK... so you tell us what colour it should be!

(with apologies to DNA)

Microsoft seeks Skype for Xbox engineering gang

Gio Ciampa

Re: Or they could just sell it back to a company that won't break it...

Ditto the Linux version - which mysteriously stopped being able to share screens with the Windows version... right after the first post-MS update...

Apple has 7.85in 'iPad Mini' in its labs

Gio Ciampa

Where's Florian?

Well done! El Reg finally found someone else to quote! ;^D

Yahoo! countersued! by! Facebook! in patent! spat!

Gio Ciampa

If IBM owned the patents (up until the other day)

Why did they not sue Yahoo for infringement?

Just a thought...


Gio Ciampa

Putting on my luddite hat...

So what if the UI is amazing? 99% of the time I use my phone to play music - it's either in a pocket, or tucked away in the car somewhere... so the UI is (largely) irrelevant to me apart from manipuating playlists

So, from where I sit, all the UI does is restrict the number of devices it'll run on - and yes, my phone isn't one of them, but I doubt I'd use it for the shiny shiny anyway if I'm honest.

Just my £0.02...

Everything Everywhere's 4G party bus could run Three off a cliff

Gio Ciampa

Rather than sell off the spectrum, why not just rent it out to all the telcos on a usage basis?

Guaranteed income for years to come for Ofcom - at least until 5G (or whatever) comes along - and no big pot of money for the Chancellor to fritter away on election bribes....

(Yes... I've said this before...)

Viewsonic Viewpad 10e tablet

Gio Ciampa


That's more likely due to Auntie's obsession with iThings - she probably spent all of 2 minutes writing the Android version (including a tea break)

MYSTERY programming language found in Duqu

Gio Ciampa

Re: What about...

Back in the DSM-11 days, maybe... but that was oh so long ago... you'd hardly recognise it now

'The new iPad' revealed: Full specs, rumor scorecard

Gio Ciampa

Re: Apps @ R 11

5 first billion of those are fart apps..

The next 5 billion, they were fart apps too...

The 5 billion after that... Angry Birds...

After that they go into a bit of a decline...

(with apologies to DNA and Marvin)

Apple's German win was really our victory, honest, says Motorola

Gio Ciampa

"by some observers"

No... you mean Florian... hardly counts as "some"


Gio Ciampa

Perhaps they do it for the enjoyment of doing it?

Why does it have to be about the money?

Vodafone manages to fight off £3bn tax bill, claws back cash paid

Gio Ciampa

I assume the person that modded me down is happy that their tax bill is higher because Vodafone (and others) get to make deals with HMRC over cosy lunches and get let off billions.

That said, if whoever it wants to pay my taxes too so I don't have to...

Gio Ciampa

Add another 0 to the tax figure

and then you're rather nearer what they _should_ be paying...

Perhaps they got their numbers the wrong way around by mistake?

Nintendo unveils Network for console connectivity

Gio Ciampa

Out of curiousity - got any links?

I'd have thought Sony would have jumped on the chance to ensure that everyone knew that other networks also had issues

Alcohol DOUBLES LIFESPAN, helps resist stress

Gio Ciampa

I believe the Wellington sells Tactical Nuclear Penguin too - or at least has done at some point

Barclays axes 422 UK IT staff

Gio Ciampa

I assumed Darryl was thinking more along the lines of overstretched staff not being able to cover the workload required to properly maintain the system, rather than sabotage.

Acorn King Moir: BBC Micros, Ataris and 'BS' marketing

Gio Ciampa

Ditto here - unless you count revisting some old 68k code on a (PC-emulated) ST

Apple accused of extortion by rival tablet biz

Gio Ciampa

Quoting Florian doesn't have to be inevitable...

After all - if Rory Cellan-Jones can manage to write a piece for Auntie without mentioning Apple once (the blue moon was yesterday, for the record) - then surely... just once... El Reg can match this feat?


Gio Ciampa

Control experiment?

Someone chuck an uncased iPad from the same height - and see if the headline can get any less accurate.

I'll be opening the "how many pieces" sweepstake in the morning

'You have to worry about the management of Twitter'

Gio Ciampa

Wendi Deng Murdoch ... a "very noted personality"?

Anybody care to explain what she did to get this epithet? Apart from marrying Rupert?

What next... Mrs Giggs a "Celebrity"...

...oh... hang on...

Jobs' 'nuclear war' is not doing Apple any good - analyst

Gio Ciampa

A tale of two quotes...

Steve Jobs - January 2010:

"I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40bn in the bank, to right this wrong. I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this."

Steve Jobs - 1996

"We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."

Can't have it both ways...

David Cameron gets custom prime-ministering iPad app

Gio Ciampa


That's a very big word...

What are the odds on the existing system (if one exists) being Windows-based?

Nokia, Skype, ARM: Microsoft's big year in review

Gio Ciampa

"download the MP3 or Ogg"

Not WMA then?

Samsung shifts Apple A5 chip production to Texas

Gio Ciampa

Playing the "patriotic" card?

Just imagine the press release: "Apple suing Samsung threatens American jobs"

Just a thought...

BT's gift to Google: A patent war over ads and Android

Gio Ciampa

BT becomes DT?

Don't remember them moving their head office abroad...

...or did the courts here not give them the time of day? (Sponsored by Accurist, or whoever it is these days)


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