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MPs blocked from ogling 'web smut' 300,000 times – while in Parliament

Gio Ciampa

Re: And, I bet the good people of Wiltshire return her to the house ...

"Well yes, you wouldn't want her back in Wiltshire talking bollocks, would you?"

(Speaking as a Wiltshire resident, but not one of her constituents - oh... apologies for the accidental use of "tit" back there Claire...) As long as she's in the middle of a field somewhere (or the Kennet & Avon canal), that'll do me just fine...

'World's worst director' plans Snowden-inspired movie comedy

Gio Ciampa

Re: Worst movie? No way...

"2001, Star Wars, Bladerunner, Alien, Aliens, The Matrix.... where are this generations films?"

At the bottom of the pile of "Merchandising 2" (3, 4, ...) scripts I'll wager...

Facebook strips away a bit more of your privacy – but won't say why

Gio Ciampa

Re: Screw 0871, 09xx is where it's at.

Or use the number of a PPI claim company?

So the instant it gets used - the advertiser gets bombarded with cold calls... which has the side benefit of costing the PPI company as well...

Hey, Bill Gates! We've found 14 IT HOTSHOTS to be the next Steve Ballmer

Gio Ciampa

Just for the hell of it...


New blinged-up 'iPhone 5S' touted by Jobs FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

Gio Ciampa

I wonder...

...if it will make an appearance in the Jobs movie?

Ministry of Fun launches news quiz - and the BBC is in its sights

Gio Ciampa

First salvo in the smear campaign?

Got to get the plebs onside so that they won't complain when they sell off the BBC to Murdoch et al...

Gio Ciampa

Re: Multiple view points

Pot, kettle, black...

You obviously don't understand the term "I look through various links from Google news search." - unless you know exactly which links are being accessed for any given news story?

(For the record, my news comes from a range including the Mirror, the Telegraph, and points in between - including Auntie)

ZUCK out all my BUGS: Facebook gobbles Brit glitch-hunter

Gio Ciampa

Re: Will it find ...

"Will it find the bug where the FB app on iOS keeps forgetting that I want to see people's stuff in reverse chronological order rather than FB's rather arbitrary choice of what it thinks I'm interested in (i.e. lots of other people thought it was interesting. It wasn't.)?"

And on Android, and on the Desktop... by design it is then...

Snowden leak: Microsoft added Outlook.com backdoor for Feds

Gio Ciampa

Re: How to excape NSA snooping

"Face to face meetings."

Except of course they could/will be tailing you...

Gio Ciampa

"In the haystack that is Linux, there is room for many needles to hide."

At least the haystack is visible...

'Priyanka' yanks your WhatsApp contact chain on Android mobes

Gio Ciampa

Re: PEBKAC needs an upgrade

PEATS - Problem Exists Above Touch Screen?

Asperger's and IT

Gio Ciampa

Re: Asperger's and IT

Agreed on the patchy nature of the diagnosis service:

My (then 12-yr-old) daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers some 5 years ago, but only because someone at school noticed the effects it was having on her in class, so she was referred to a suitable centre and the rest is history.

I had a (brief) conversation with my doctor at the time about what I could do about being assessed myself: I was having a "me too" phase if people insist on calling it that (but I prefer that they didn't) as I share some of her traits, but all he could say was that I'd have to arrange it privately (not that he knew of anywhere local in any case) - so I left it at that, other than to sign us up with the Autism Research Centre to help them with their research.

Global tax data exchange plan floated to recoup cash

Gio Ciampa

Re: Waste of time and effort

"pay a witholding tax on turnover "

We already have that - it's called income tax. Seems to work well enough for most of us...

Gio Ciampa

"A step change in tax transparency"

Meaning: "You'll be able to see more easily where the money is going - but as the rates won't change it'll still end up there"?

Samsung plans LTE Advanced version of Galaxy S4

Gio Ciampa

Re: One question... Why?

"There's still work to be done on 4G"

Ah yes... "It's not ready, but release it anyway" (surprised they didn't stick a Beta label on in a la Google...)

First look: iOS 7 for iPad

Gio Ciampa

Addendum: For rarely-used apps, they're still in the App Drawer should you need them

Gio Ciampa

"having those icons laying around on your homescreen would be totally pointless"

Simple solution ... don't have them on your homescreen. Any launcher worth the name lets you do that.

Gio Ciampa

Re: It's a style thing

"the sign of a good UI is that you don't need to think about it"

I wish someone would think about the keyboard ... why can't they get the letter case to change so it's obvious what will appear next (rather than have to go through a delete/shift/retype cycle every time)?

Shy? Socially inadequate? Fiddling with your phone could help

Gio Ciampa

Re: Sorry...

"By the way Shy People, it takes effort to be social and you will always have to supply that yourself. "

If it were that simple, there'd be no need for coaching...

Unemployed? Ugly? Ugh, no thanks, says fitties-only job website

Gio Ciampa

Re: At least with this site...

"You rarely get a 1 with a 10"

1 + £lots = 10...

'Catastrophic failure' of 3D-printed gun in Oz Police test

Gio Ciampa

@Don Jefe Re: A Controvertial Topic (for a change)

Out of interest - what checks did you have to go though to be able to make said purchase in so short a time?

Telly apocalypse foretold for 4G arrival fails to hit London: Brighton next

Gio Ciampa

"its use of a Freeview band well clear of invading 4G signals"

well... duh!!!

Judge hands copyright troll an epic smack-down

Gio Ciampa

Re: The IRS...

re: "3 years and £3,000 pounds spent by me that resulted in absolutely nothing"

You should have told them you worked for Goldman Sachs (or Vodafone, etc...) - they'd have bent over backwards to help out then!

Move over, Mythbusters: Was Archimedes an ancient STEVE JOBS?

Gio Ciampa

Re: a thief?

Developing ideas is one thing...

...patenting the hell out of them afterwards so that it appears you "invented" them is another...

Apple alert as half China's fanbois consider switch to Galaxy S4

Gio Ciampa

Re: so expect

The pixels might not be square?

Music resale service ReDigi loses copyright fight with Capitol Records

Gio Ciampa

So when do Amazon get sued...


After Leveson: The UK gets an Orwellian Ministry of Truth for real

Gio Ciampa

Re: There's no need for press regulation per se

Won't Coulson (hopefully) be doing time soon? I wonder if he'll take Dave down with him?

Movie, TV ads annoying? You ain't seen nothin' yet

Gio Ciampa

Re: You kind of have it backwards...

Already happening for real - I recall from somewhere (possibly QI) that there are modern versions of the Abbey Road sleeve art where Paul no longer has a cigarrette in his hand

Nokia deflates Google's video codec thought bubble

Gio Ciampa

Re: @Trevor_Pott

Shallow it may be - but then neither of you have any evidence to back up statements either way...

For all I know you're correct - but I'll wager that Redmond isn't exactly unhappy that Nokia have waded in.

Review: HTC One

Gio Ciampa

Re: No microSD AGAIN

" the reality is that it goes in & is never changed,"

That may be the case ... but I'd prefer to have the option to do so if I want (or need) to.

NASA chief: Earth is DOOMED if we spot a big asteroid at short notice

Gio Ciampa

Re: "balls to do it under his real name"

Good afternood, Mr Coward

(Any relation to Noel?)

Gio Ciampa

Re: Yes the Rothschild Bank and the US Federal Reserve....

Not forgetting that the "smaller" rocks would probably also have gained a somewhat radioactive complexion into the bargain...

Nvidia's skirt-chasing chips ogle babes, eyeball Twitter and YouTube

Gio Ciampa

Did Sheldon finally finish Project Shoe for Penny?


Paying a TV tax makes you happy - BBC

Gio Ciampa

Re: Boo hoo hoo

I hear a whooshing sound...

Mozilla to Apple: we don't care about iOS

Gio Ciampa

Re: wtf ?

More likely than the other way around I'll wager...

Don't believe the IT hype: Ye cannae change the laws of physics

Gio Ciampa

Re: @Gio Ciampa

I'll admit the code was written to fit the hotel example, so is quite specific to that. You can play "spot the language" if you like - the code would work as written (bar the dumb error as mentioned...)

My point was that the rigid adherence to the row/column table paradigm isn't necessariy the best way to go - best tool for the job and all that...

Gio Ciampa

oops... should have set distance to the result of the $$howfar() function... ah well... the joys of knocking out bits of code in 2 minutes flat...

Gio Ciampa

"The best you can do is find a cunning way to crunch the numbers faster - by disregarding bits of data that you know aren't relevant, for instance, or by using a parallel-processing system, or by using a heuristic algorithm that gives a slightly less (but still acceptably) accurate solution with a significantly smaller amount of work."


You could use a different database paradigm entirely - drop the row/column stuff and use sparse arrays where the coordinates are the subscripts, and the search (assuming the longitude/latitude restrictions are still being used) becomes a matter of:

(apologies for the '.'s - quickest way I could think of to get some manner of indentation)

set long=startLong

for {

....set long=$next(destinationList(long))

....if long>endLong quit

....set lang=startLang

....for {

........set lang=$next(destinationList(long,lang))

........if lang>endLang quit

........if $$howfar(long,lang,userLong,userLang)<maxDistance {

............set resultList(distance)=destinationList(long,lang)




then just go through the resultList array, picking out as many as you need... self indexing, simpler, quicker, and a whole long easier to debug...

Virgin Mobile coughs to choking its customers

Gio Ciampa

I'd say those limits are tethering-related - from the giffgaff website:

Patterns indicating illegitimate usage

We monitor the mobile internet activity which takes place on the network each day and we have developed a system to identify tethering based on this information.

The specific triggers which help us to identify tethering are referred to as ‘tethering indicators’. The tethering indicators which we use are varied. They include, but are not limited to:

Having tested a number of devices and applications, we feel that any usage over 1GB/hour or 3GB/day is indicative of illegitimate usage

Using a significant amount of data for a long period of time (ie we’d expect someone to sleep at some stage within a 24 hour period).

It is a very small minority of members who are identified as tethering using these indicators, but unless this usage is prevented, illegitimate usage consumes an unfair amount of network resources.

Clarkson: 'I WILL find and KILL the spammers who hacked me'

Gio Ciampa

Took years though to get to that point - here's hoping they've learned from it

Ubuntu? Fedora? Mint? Debian? We'll find you the right Linux to swallow

Gio Ciampa

Re: Another example of why Linux fails to gain market share

If - by "leader" - you mean the one installed on most desktops... doesn't that mean you're advocating sticking with Windows? Rather negates the point of the article wouldn't you say?

BBC blueprint to make EVERY programme on TV a repeat revealed

Gio Ciampa

Re: I wonder

Odd... there's plenty of people who are just as convinced that Auntie is just a mouthpiece for this government...

Looks like she can't win either way...

How to destroy a brand-new Samsung laptop: Boot Linux on it

Gio Ciampa

Ubuntu 12 ???

Never heard of it...

Oh.. you mean (from the article) Precise Pangolin 12.04 - where the 12 stands for the year...

My top tip for Microsoft: Stop charging for Windows Phone 8

Gio Ciampa

And spineless ACs?

Gio Ciampa

Re: Most "desktops" are mobile

"to add to the long list of missing text-processing concepts that have been with us for decades. Such as cursor keys or "Home", "End", or "Delete".

Try the Hacker's Keyboard - a full 5 row keyboard with all those lovely buttons present

The Oric-1 is 30

Gio Ciampa
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Re: Fond memories

Ah yes, the joys of learning 6502 on mine (courtesy one of those little flip-page books from ?Bernard Babani?)

Ofcom: You like to make CALLS, yeah? Tell us what you want from mobiles

Gio Ciampa

Re: T Mobile gripes

Silly question - why haven't you just turned off the mobile data network on the phone, so the apps can't update unless you're on wifi?

Gio Ciampa

Re: " and then a tiny amount of data."

Until they change the T&Cs without warning... that's why I left them


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