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Amazon's Netflix-gnasher to hit top gear In December

Gio Ciampa

Re: Yarrgh

"I wonder if this is why only one episode is released each week (rather than Netflix's all-at-once), to force people to keep a Prime subscription for more than one month."

If it isn't this, then I'd be very surprised...

...and in other news - Parrots 1 - 0 Amazon ;^D

Google: If you think we're bad, you should take a look at Apple

Gio Ciampa

Re: What?

"They could just allow Play to be installed, then let people choose to download the rest."

You mean like this?


"This package is designed for users who want the absolute minimum GApps installation available. In this package you will find the core Google system base, Google Android Shared Services, Google Play Store, Google Calendar Sync, Dialer Framework and the following Play Store applications:

Google Package Installer (replaces stock/AOSP Package Installer)

Google Play services

For 6.0 also:

Google Text-to-Speech"

Gio Ciampa

Re: Market Dominance

Go try releasing your own version of iOS ... see how far you get

Trump's torture support could mean the end of GCHQ-NSA relationship

Gio Ciampa

Re: Scaremongering

I don't recall Obama spending hours on end fillibustering to worm his way out of getting anything done

Toblerone's Brexit trim should be applied to bloatware

Gio Ciampa

I'll wager Soros make a packet from the panic... he has previous after all

Gio Ciampa

Re: Not likely

Given Cadbury's owners... they'll be jumping on that bandwagon soon enough...

That said - they may already have done... wasn't there a kerfuffle about recipe changes a while back? Still, no reason not to go round the loop one more time to keep prices rises at bay (or profits up... take your pick)

Apple, Mozilla kill API to deplete W3C battery-snitching standard

Gio Ciampa

Re: Apple and Mozilla are leading the charge away

First thing I spotted about FlyWeb was this "Program Status" table entry:

Platform Development 1/2016 ON TARGET

Can't imagine it'll be troubling us any time soon...

Google to patch Chrome mobile hole after bank trojan hits 318k users

Gio Ciampa

This is why

I tell the devs who whine about the lack of income from my blocking ads to get stuffed...

...if you're too lazy to host (and vet) your own... I don't want to know...

User danger declines as two thirds of Chromistas now use HTTPS

Gio Ciampa

"Two in three web pages served over the world's favourite web browser Chrome"

When did it become a server application...?

Did you mean "viewed on" perchance?

What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?

Gio Ciampa

Thunderbird 2

...nuff said

Smart Meter rollout delayed again. Cost us £11bn, eh?

Gio Ciampa

Re: Just wait for them to be pwned

They can... but only for their own backsides when the you-know-what hits the fan...

Only reason I can think of that explains how - despite everything - they still keep being awarded contracts.

MPs want Blighty to enforce domestic roaming to fix 'not spots'

Gio Ciampa

It should have been a "national grid" to begin with - with the operators paying for their share of the available bandwidth.

Can you imagine what it would be like if every electric/gas/water company had decided (back in the day) to install their own cables/pipes...?

EU announces common corporate tax plan

Gio Ciampa

Re: EU Competencies

If HMRC was any good at writing tax law - there wouldn't be such a mess.

Oh no, better leave that to the accountancy firms who know exactly what their clients want, and will write the rules accordingly...

Gio Ciampa

Of course... it'll be written by KPMG et al, with their clients in mind...

Today the web was broken by countless hacked devices – your 60-second summary

Gio Ciampa

Re: Maybe..

Knowingly, yes...

...but I'll wager that 99.9% of the compromised device owners even knew they were involved.

(I await the botnet running on (mandated) "smart" energy meters with interest...)

Microsoft: We're hiking UK cloud prices 22%. Stop whining – it's the Brexit

Gio Ciampa

Re: £

"I think we are better of being able to make out trade agreements where only the UK and the country concerned have to sign. Two signatures instead of 27 - it's a no--brainer."

In your 2-signature utopia, we'd already be signed up to CETA and TTIP and our collective governmental ass would be owed by the mega-corporations in whose favour those "deals" are firmly tipped... though if you're happy to pay the legal fees when they sue us for daring to impose legislation they don't like, then fine - you can pay my share too...

Sky’s CEO drops MVNO bombshell at results conference

Gio Ciampa

"revenue growth of 5 per cent"

Presumably from cost hikes of 10%+ (subsidising the sports channels... OK... the Premier League) followed by a mass exodus from customers fed up with having to cough up (of which I was one).

You work so hard on coding improvements... and it's all undone by a buggy component

Gio Ciampa

Levels of blame...

1. The developer who wrote the buggy component...

2. The developer who used a buggy component without checking it...

3. GOTO 2...

Galaxy Note 7 flameout: 2 in 5 Samsung fans say they'll never buy from the Korean giant again

Gio Ciampa

Re: I'd still like one

"Oh and < 100ml of water."

Just don't put the Lithium in the water...

Gio Ciampa

Re: I'd still like one

Same with my S3 mini - though the (third-party) high-capacity battery I bought to replace the original caused my work laptop to complain that the USB port was drawing too much power... (I wonder if that would have exploded in time...?)

I gave up on Samsung after that phone - 6 months after release and with one (minor) OS update as far as I could tell (the day I bought it), they gave up supporting it... so off to CyanogenMod it was (for a while, anyway...)

Smell burning? Samsung’s 'Death Note 7' could still cause a contagion

Gio Ciampa

Any chance...

...of deciding what currency you're going to use, and sticking to it?

"The $882 Galaxy Note 7" here, "can save you £150 to £200" there...

...or is the Sterling/Dollar exchange rate too fluid these days to put both in...?

Facebook pays, er, nope, gets £11m credit from UK taxman HMRC...

Gio Ciampa

Re: The system is broken

"Taxing turnover is not a fair way to tax."

Works on a personal level... why not the corporate?

Brace yourself, Samsung: Activist investor Elliot's in an arm-twisting mood

Gio Ciampa

So basically...

...he's a vulture - scavenging for whatever he can extract, without actually doing the company any service whatsoever...

(...where's the Vulture icon when you need one?)

Four US states demand restraining order to stop internet power handover to ICANN

Gio Ciampa

Re: Its simple

And then to the French (they presumably paid for William to pop over...)?

EU turns screws on Android – report

Gio Ciampa

Re: EU Coffer filling

Presumably the average customer cares not one jot as, after 2 years (or whatever the telcos decide is the default minimum these days) they get a new shiny to play with and off they go, with the old phone put in a drawer for all eternity...

Brit telcos plead with Ofcom: No one should own more than 30% of available spectrum

Gio Ciampa

Re: Simple solution

It'll never happen ... tax election bribes don't pay for themselves you know...

Want a Windows 10 update? Don't go to Microsoft ... please

Gio Ciampa

Oh it will... whether you like it or not (and I'll wager the switch will mysteriously vanish)

Microsoft's Brad Smith on encryption: Let the politicians decide

Gio Ciampa

...and (presumably) paying no tax in any of the locations mentioned...

US Air Force declares F-35 'combat-ready'

Gio Ciampa

Re: Huh?

I'll wager it's the latter...

BBC will ‘retain your viewing history’

Gio Ciampa

Re: Not bothered.

Do tell me which other set of channels don't do the exact same thing!

Gio Ciampa

Re: The real goal is..

I assume you're intending to carry on paying Rupert his extortion money - that's just as bottomless a pit...

...especially if (for example) you intend watching any sport at all - all the live golf and cricket now, all the F1 from 2018. I'll wager the FA will shaft Auntie in due course, and then watch the prices rocket!

No, the VCR is not about to die. It died years ago. Now it's VHS/DVD combo boxes' turn

Gio Ciampa

Re: Actually VCRs still exist

I never did understand why Freeview boxes never seem to have been intelligent enough to figure out that a "clash" on the same multiplex wasn't actually a barrier, given it ought to be able to extract mutilple channels from a single stream.

From memory, using a single PCTV nano tuner and Me-TV, I did once manage to record 5 channels simultaneously - admittedly only as a proof-of-concept - none of the shows I actually wanted to watch...

'UnaPhone' promises Android privacy by binning Google Play

Gio Ciampa

They can't call it Android, can they?

By binning all the Google services, surely they lose that right?

AOSP-based, compatible, or whatever term Amazon used, yes - but Google's lawyers will have something to say about the use of that specific description...

Samsung: Don't install Windows 10. REALLY

Gio Ciampa

Re: Typical Samsung

Or most handset models six months after release (when the next one is due out)

Brexit campaign group fined £50k for sending half a million spam texts

Gio Ciampa

Re: Why is "Call me Dave" Cameron telling me what to think?

Isn't that why Cameron allowed each MP to choose which side they wanted to be on rather than having them toe the party line?

My local poodle (sorry... MP) has a toe-the-line rating in excess of 98% since being elected in 2001 (since last May it's 100%), so all we need round here is a Magic 8-ball where all the answers are Yes...

Facebook throws BlackBerry an HTML bone

Gio Ciampa

Lucky Blackberry

They've escaped the memory and storage hog that is the official Facebook app...

Before I uninstalled it, it was taking up 300+MB of storage (and Messenger likewise)

I'm happy sticking to the likes of Folio which, unsurprisingly, is just a wrapper around m.facebook.com, and manages all the functionality I need for my occasional mobile forays in that direction (as well as Twitter and Google+), in about 20 MB.

'Planet nine' theory boosted by Kuiper Belt Object with odd orbit

Gio Ciampa

Re: Lost

"1. Nothing can escape from a black hole. Except recent studies have shown this is no longer true."

If you're referring to Hawking Radiation then matter isn't escaping as such - one half of a (usually short-lived) pair of virtual particles is consumed by the hole, leaving its partner to escape... the appearance is thus that the hole has emitted it (and loses mass as a result)

US govt says it has cracked killer's iPhone, legs it from Apple fight

Gio Ciampa

Do as we ask...

...or we'll just imply that there's an exploitable flaw in your devices...

Govt: Citizens, we know you want 10Mbps. This is the last broadband scheme for that

Gio Ciampa

re: "I have a little sympathy for BT" - "I don't."

Nor me ... still annoyed by the £125 charge for "connecting" the flat I was in to the exchange ... which involved someone at a desk clicking a mouse on a screen (and then not bothering to let me know until 3 days after I discovered they'd done it myself)

Something useful from Cupertino?! Apple sees the light – finally

Gio Ciampa

Obviously a definition of "new" that I was previously unaware of

"Night Shift" and "True Tone" - aka "Adaptive Brightness" and "LiveDisplay"

They've been on certain other OSs for a year or so already...

(Apologies, as always, to Douglas Adams)

Gird your coins: A phishing tsunami is smashing into America

Gio Ciampa


... that's one way for the FBI to get into people's phones...

Is this the last ever Lumia?

Gio Ciampa

Re: Surface

A watch next presumably...

Virgin Media spoof email mystery: Customers take to Facebook

Gio Ciampa

Re: Migrated from Google to it's own

Took VM at least 5 years to delete my old blueyonder account (and the associated email and file stoage that went with it) after I stopped paying for it... came in handy for a while while I moved it all off

Gio Ciampa

Re: Migrated from Google to it's own

"If they only just migrated to THEIR (Virgin) servers, shouldn't you be looking at Google for the leak?"

Possible... but given that they migrated TO Google not that long before they brought it back (which begs the question - why did they bother in the first place...?), then there are two migrations in short order that could have provided the means for problems to have arisen...

Rupert Murdoch wants Google and chums to be g-men's backdoor men

Gio Ciampa

Nah... that'll have been the palm-greasing - all Blair is interested in.

Is Kazakhstan about to man-in-the-middle diddle all of its internet traffic with dodgy root certs?

Gio Ciampa
Big Brother

Forget the Russians - don't tell our lot!

BOFH: How long does it take to complete Friday's lager-related tasks?

Gio Ciampa

That's how Powerpoint should be used!

The pint icon to reflect just how bad at Barlowing I am... someone get me a drink!

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Gio Ciampa

Helen wasn't sure the Wikipedia recipe for upside-down cake was entirely accurate...

Blighty's Bloodhound 1,000mph rocket car unveiled ahead of record attempt

Gio Ciampa

Re: "It's unlikely we'll see much return from all this" - WHAT?

You sound like a government science minister

Do they know anything about science...?


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