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iPhone lawyers literally compare Apples with Pears in trademark war

Gio Ciampa

Re: Changing names

"Looks like a spotty bum to me :P"

(.|.) surely?

Gio Ciampa

Re: Does anyone remember ...

Or Tangerine?

(manufacturers of the Oric-1 and Atmos as I recall)

(Edit: someone already mentioned them... so that was the other person that bought one ;^D )

Trump's self-imposed cybersecurity deadline is up: What we got?

Gio Ciampa


"Tweeting Tangerine"

Wasn't that an Ubuntu release? (or will Google use it for Android?)

Microsoft touts SQL Server 2017 as 'first RDBMS with built-in AI'

Gio Ciampa

Re: Unspeakably wicked

3 words...

Mandated Back Door

Will the MOAB (Mother Of all AdBlockers) finally kill advertising?

Gio Ciampa

re: Anonymous Cowshed


I'm afraid to say - it appears that most people creating websites (in my view) are simply lazy... why spend time sorting out your own advertising strategy, getting to know your site visitors, and giving them something they might be interested in...

...when you can drop a widget in any given page in 5 seconds, let some third-party do the work, and risk them putting any old crap on your site (as shown by the recent kerfuffle with Google), with who-knows-what effect on your reputation?

HMRC beer duty bungle leaves breweries struggling to pay online

Gio Ciampa

"Wrexham Lager is not a brewery"

Um... I think you'll find it is.


Blighty's £1.2bn space industry could lend itself to tourism – report

Gio Ciampa

Re: The annoying thing

"but it will employ tens of thousands of manual and blue collar workers"

So would getting them to fix the rest of the network - at much the same cost I'll wager

Law Commission pulls back on official secrets laws plans after Reg exposes flawed report

Gio Ciampa

...er... none actually - didn't they all drop out?

Gio Ciampa

Any chance...

...of NOT automatically downloading things - even if they are relevant to the story!

UK.gov cuts deal with Microsoft to avoid £15m post-Brexit price hike

Gio Ciampa

Putting my cynical hat on...

I wonder if HMRC might have been persuaded to cut a sweetheart deal also - to balance out the books...

...can't be having a megacorp losing money now, can we?

LiveJournal trial a storm in a safe harbour

Gio Ciampa

Today's entry in the "still going?" list...

Neopets yesterday...

LiveJournal today...

It'll be AskJeeves next...

We know what you're thinking: Where the hell is all the antimatter?

Gio Ciampa

Re: Explain where the positive charge comes from

Paragraph 2: "in normal double beta decay, two neutrons convert to protons and two electrons"

Same thing happens in the neutinoless version...

(Mine's the one with the Physics degree ... OK - it was a Third: if only I'd proved there was a Black Hole under the Department of Physics at Birmingham...)

Huawei mystery memo (and phone strategy) confirmed

Gio Ciampa

Re: Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei (left). Not sure who the other chap is

Isn't he the World Multitasking Champion...?

Samsung Galaxy S8: Slimmer bezels, a desktop mode – and yet another me-too AI pal

Gio Ciampa

Re: Bixby

"especially if they guaranteed OTA updates to Android in a timely fashion."

Ah.. if only...

I'll wager the updates for the S7s will stop any day now (and the S8s when the S9 arrives...)

Windows 10 Creators Update: Clearing the mines with livestock (that's you by the way)

Gio Ciampa

Re: "it's unfair of me to blame Microsoft's OS"

Just curious... was the space in "Windows 1 0" deliberate (or should there be a decimal point in there...)?

Miss Misery on hacking Mr Robot and the Missing Sense of Fun

Gio Ciampa

Re: Episode numbering

Also... WMV files...?

Nobody uses WMV, do they...???

Huawei's just changed the way you'll use Android

Gio Ciampa

Re: Disappointed...


"a new variant of AOSP" not "a new variant of Android"


Facebook shopped BBC hacks to National Crime Agency over child abuse images probe

Gio Ciampa

Re: Nuke the entire site from orbit--it's the only way to be sure

"I came across an email account some years ago which contained many really bad pictures"

Confession! Did you hand yourself over to the police?

Samsung phones, Apple's iPhones are 'overpriced', says top Huawei exec

Gio Ciampa

Re: They're all mostly overpriced landfill.

"a good spec phone with an SD card, removeable battery, headphone jack, & no crap overlay UI on top of what's already there, all for a price under the 200Pounds mark"

(Apart from the battery) I'm seriously considering a Nokia 6 for these very reasons - will wait a few months though just to make sure any launch gremlins are squashed...

Gio Ciampa

"Samsung. They spend a lot on marketing"

Funniest advert on right now... Samsung's "Quality Assurance"

Do they think everyone has forgotten the Note 7 already...?

Amid new push to make Pluto a planet again... Get over it, ice-world's assassin tells El Reg

Gio Ciampa

Re: 110 planets?!

Surely that proves why astrology is wrong... they don't take into account all those other objects that obviously would have an effect - sure explains why I'm not a typical Leo ;^D

Microsoft ups Surface slab prices for Brits. Darn weak pound, eh?

Gio Ciampa

Re: Just say 'sod off MS I ain't paying that much'

"this sort of pricing it makes MacBooks attractive again"

...for how long...? I wouldn't be surprised if Apple joined in the bandwagon at some point.

Baby supernova spotted, just three hours old and a real cutie

Gio Ciampa

Re: The watched star...

Probably explains why Betelgeuse hasn't gone yet...

...I'll look in the opposite direction - if that'll help?

Who do you want to be Who? VOTE for the BBC's next Time Lord

Gio Ciampa

Harry Melling

Young enough for the fangirls...

...connected enough to the original show for the old guard...

Congratulations – you're looking better than ever this morning!

Gio Ciampa

Re: That's the backup HQ for climate agencies

"The alien base has been relocated to the Mall in Washington."

That would explain the lack of attendees at the inauguration - the builders needed to clear the land...

UK.gov tells freelance techies to slap 20 per cent on fees as IR35 tax hike looms

Gio Ciampa

Looks like another good reason...

...to turn the tax code into something like

Allowance: £15k

All Subsequent Earnings: 25%

Exceptions: None

(the figures may vary - but you get the gist)

Easier for us to understand, for HMRC to implement and calculate, thus saving a huge amount in costs associated with tax lawyers, accountants, et al...

All the cool kids are doing it – BT hikes broadband and TV bills

Gio Ciampa

Re: A&A


Jumped from Sky to Zen last May after (yet another) price rise ... got faster connection speed (getting on for 20 Mb/s instead if 12 or so on a "up to 16" tariff) too...

Admittedly - side-by-side it costs a couple of quid a month more, but that is only because, on Sky, it's a bundled cost (I had TV/Phone/Broadband) rather than being standalone... the only real downside being the loss of Last Week Tonight (but there are... ahem... ways to get around that...)

Sysadmin chatbots: We have the technology

Gio Ciampa

I was thinking more Terminator...

Raspberry Pi Foundation releases operating system for PCs, Macs

Gio Ciampa

Re: Here’s an idea …

Hmmm... might resurrect the old EEE PC gathering dust somewhere and give that a go...

Itchy-fingered OnePlus presses refresh, out pops value champ 3T

Gio Ciampa


Par for the course I thought...

Radical 5G rules proposed, but UK can address woeful coverage right now

Gio Ciampa

Re: Ofcom missed an opportunity...

Of course (and apologies to those who've seen me writing this before)...

...if OFCOM operated the 3/4/5/...G networks as a "National Grid" to which all operators have access (and are charged accordingly) - we wouldn't have this discussion every 5 minutes...

Around 1.4 million people have sub-10Mbps speeds - Ofcom

Gio Ciampa

Re: A very simple solution...

"Commercial reasons" are the cause of the problem in the first place... if BT et al can't be arsed to provide the infrastructure because it'll cut a few million off their profits - then bar them from providing the service at all... the almighty "market" will provide someone who will (so they say...).

...speaking as someone on the wrong end of VM when they couldn't be bothered to cable a flat that was - when I started renting it - less than 3 months old, and despite being all of 100 yards from houses that had been cabled, so the actual cost to VM would have been minimal...

Gio Ciampa

A very simple solution...

a) scrap HS2 or Trident renewal or some such - thus freeing up £100 billion or so

b) spend that money on a "National Grid" of "ultrafast" fibre broadband and mobile connectivity

c) keep it under taxpayer control - then charge the telcos for the amount of data they use...

(of course - it'll never happen... too many short-sighted politicians with their snouts in the trough...)

Beeb flings millions more £s at Capita for telly tax collection

Gio Ciampa

Re: No means no

"Of course, some of the programmes on those channels are created for and by the BBC."

Which - as we've already paid for them - we should get for free...

...without having to pay Amazon's tax bill for them too...

'Upset' Linus Torvalds gets sweary and gets results

Gio Ciampa

Re: I wonder about the devs

" this profession and its union have been infiltrated in the last few decades by a load of aggitating Trots"

As opposed to the media and our "leaders" - who are just as rabid on the other side of the spectrum...

Busted Windows 8, 10 update blamed for breaking Brits' DHCP

Gio Ciampa

Re: andy265

Virgin for one... see virg.in/win10

UK's new Snoopers' Charter just passed an encryption backdoor law by the backdoor

Gio Ciampa

Re: Is anyone working to overcome this?

"Liberal Democrats (the only party who opposed it in Parliament)"

And the odds of them continuing to do so if they ever get a sniff of power again...?

Donald Trump confirms TPP to be dumped, visa program probed

Gio Ciampa

"I assume Trump will not separate his business interest from being President"

If I understand it correctly - he has to, by law, put the business interests in a "blind trust" and have no part in them...

...of course, I'll wager that there are ways to get around that particular inconvenience...

Amazon's Netflix-gnasher to hit top gear In December

Gio Ciampa

Re: Wheels within wheels.

"Amazon around £6.50 (paid annually) gets you video, audio, fast shipping on real items, discounted nappies (obviously only of use if you're a parent), audiobooks and a whole host of other stuff for similar money."

...and not forgetting a larger tax bill to cover that which they don't pay...

Gio Ciampa

Re: Yarrgh

"I wonder if this is why only one episode is released each week (rather than Netflix's all-at-once), to force people to keep a Prime subscription for more than one month."

If it isn't this, then I'd be very surprised...

...and in other news - Parrots 1 - 0 Amazon ;^D

Google: If you think we're bad, you should take a look at Apple

Gio Ciampa

Re: What?

"They could just allow Play to be installed, then let people choose to download the rest."

You mean like this?


"This package is designed for users who want the absolute minimum GApps installation available. In this package you will find the core Google system base, Google Android Shared Services, Google Play Store, Google Calendar Sync, Dialer Framework and the following Play Store applications:

Google Package Installer (replaces stock/AOSP Package Installer)

Google Play services

For 6.0 also:

Google Text-to-Speech"

Gio Ciampa

Re: Market Dominance

Go try releasing your own version of iOS ... see how far you get

Trump's torture support could mean the end of GCHQ-NSA relationship

Gio Ciampa

Re: Scaremongering

I don't recall Obama spending hours on end fillibustering to worm his way out of getting anything done

Toblerone's Brexit trim should be applied to bloatware

Gio Ciampa

I'll wager Soros make a packet from the panic... he has previous after all

Gio Ciampa

Re: Not likely

Given Cadbury's owners... they'll be jumping on that bandwagon soon enough...

That said - they may already have done... wasn't there a kerfuffle about recipe changes a while back? Still, no reason not to go round the loop one more time to keep prices rises at bay (or profits up... take your pick)

Apple, Mozilla kill API to deplete W3C battery-snitching standard

Gio Ciampa

Re: Apple and Mozilla are leading the charge away

First thing I spotted about FlyWeb was this "Program Status" table entry:

Platform Development 1/2016 ON TARGET

Can't imagine it'll be troubling us any time soon...

Google to patch Chrome mobile hole after bank trojan hits 318k users

Gio Ciampa

This is why

I tell the devs who whine about the lack of income from my blocking ads to get stuffed...

...if you're too lazy to host (and vet) your own... I don't want to know...

User danger declines as two thirds of Chromistas now use HTTPS

Gio Ciampa

"Two in three web pages served over the world's favourite web browser Chrome"

When did it become a server application...?

Did you mean "viewed on" perchance?

What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?

Gio Ciampa

Thunderbird 2

...nuff said

Smart Meter rollout delayed again. Cost us £11bn, eh?

Gio Ciampa

Re: Just wait for them to be pwned

They can... but only for their own backsides when the you-know-what hits the fan...

Only reason I can think of that explains how - despite everything - they still keep being awarded contracts.


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