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'Water bears' survive in outer space

Tom Ince

Wonder if

PETA is gonna be on their asses! I guess PETA don't care about Water Bears eh! Poor guys!

Microsoft Silverlight: 10 reasons to love it, 10 reasons to hate it

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Gates Halo

RE: Hating on the Haters


Microsoft's Vista push probed by Fair Trade Commission

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What an utterly useless arguement for the anti-Vista stance. All i hear is, "Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my asshole is too tight."

OpenGL 3.1 promise follows gamer revolt

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@Daniel Jones

Out of the box Windows Vista supports OpenGL just as I mentioned....it's up to the Video Driver. It has nothing to do with the OS packaging "out of the box". Or, if it doesn, let's compare the first version of every OS.......how foolish is that?

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RE: I don't trust Microsoft

"So, out of the box, Vista and XP don't support OpenGL 2."

BZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttttt. Wrong!

With Windows, the version of OpenGL is dependent on the Video Driver you have installed. Windows XP places no limitations on OpenGL versions, in Windowed or Full-Screen mode. Windows Vista, only restricts OpenGL version, if running in windowed-mode AND desktop composition is enabled. However, the Windows API has made available the ability to disable desktop composition progrmamatically.

It's better to be thought of as an idiot, that to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Paris, 'cause even she knows more about Windows and OpenGL than you!

Tom Ince

RE: Odd censorship?

Comments over. "fucking, horse cuntflaps" is my new all-time favorite insult. I'm going to unleash it at work today and enjoy the shock-and-awe of my co-workers at how I could use such a vulgar term!

Bill Gates exposed as closet Yorkshireman

Tom Ince

Fake Picture

That's a photoshop if I've ever seen one!

Focus plus excitement: Michael Dell talks turnarounds

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Any computer vendor > Dell

Even laptops nowadays. Dell customer service is god-awful. The financing is worse than the loan shark around the corner (I've spent 19 months trying to cancel my account, but they won't let me).

If Michael Dell were a smart man, he'd sell of Dell and live in the tropics with scantily clad women catering to his every need....at least it's what I'd do.

Google Code blacklists Mozilla Public License

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Sourceforge >>>>>>>>> Google Code

I tested out moving 1 of my Sourceforge projects over to Google Code. I lasted about 2 weeks.

Licensing has been a problem from the start on Google Code. The setup is terrible, (changes to the Wiki are tracked through the Subversion server, so to have a "public" Wiki, you need to give Subversion access to users you want to update the wiki!).

The import ability for projects is completely broken and requires manual steps by the admin team. To get them to do this, you need to post a message to the mailing list, askin them to reset your project to Revision 0. Once that's done (took them 2 days to do so for me), you may start doing the import.

I could go on and on, but no need. Google Code is terrible, they should just close it down.

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