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U wot? Silicon Roundabout set to become Silicon U-BEND

Duncan Hare

I drove a crane on the reconstruction of the Old St Tube station on this site in the late 60s. And resolved a fight between the Navvies and a knife wielding Cypriot.

Mormons demand ICANN plugs net smut hole

Duncan Hare

Not port 80?

We need a new protocol

httporn ?

and more port police - aha - using port on port 80, hre take this ticket, oops, you in antigua, belize, or zambia, wrong police!

Better - just cut Utah off from the Intertubz.

Forgotten what an egg looks like? We can help

Duncan Hare

Eggsaclty what is the problem?

The eggs were not rotten.

Germany laughs at EU's full-body scanners plan

Duncan Hare

Young Ladies don't like it?

What a surprise. Who could have guessed.

Ubuntu zoo preps for new arrival

Duncan Hare

Kingly Kudu

Kingly Kudu

Lockheed demos AI-based roboforce command tech

Duncan Hare

How will they pay for it?

How much will they have to borrow form the Chinese to deliver the system? And will the Chinese lend them the money?

Concrete-jet 'printers' to build houses, Moonbases in hours

Duncan Hare

I fear a few lumps in this mixture

And pray, what kind of nozzle spits out a widely variable size of "drops"? Or is the a nozzle for each particle size (which makes "mixing" the concrete interesting.

Concert is an aggregate, not a uniform emulsion like ink, and, how do they print the reinforcing? This I must see!

Wi-Fi: You old new smoothie?

Duncan Hare

Confusing technology with operations.

El Reg is confusing technology with operations.

In the US TMobile has a wifi hot-spot service. It works well. 802.11r will make it work better, and enable Mobile to compete for clients from the other cell carries.

My minutes have gone down for 4500/month to 2800/month (and my bill has gone down proportionally).

"El Reg hat they ought to stop messing with voice capability and concentrate on Wide Band data transmission"

Perhaps El Reg should cut down the snark, get off their fat posteriors,,and take individual responsibility for paying and minimizing their own cells bills.

How can you write so clearly with your heads in that position?

COBOL thwarts California's Governator

Duncan Hare

grudgingly, other manufacturers


Burroughs was completly Cobol. Much more so than IBM.

Noone in the BUNCH was grudging in their support of COBOL.

IBM tried to replace it with PL/1.

Microsoft to kill Windows with 'web-centric' Midori?

Duncan Hare


These vague future systems, promising much are nonsense. This is FUD and vaporware.

And being from Microsoft, we can all be assured it will be secure, right?

And have clearly documented interfaces, not just documented APIs?

Once a felon, always a felon.

Greenpeace: UK gov trying to strangle wind power

Duncan Hare

Nuclear Power

"But if nuclear is cheaper, of course that's what will be preferred among no-carbon alternatives."

Nuclear is probably much more expensive than any other form of power, because the Nuclear operato4rs do not need to set aside money for decommissioning.

There are 3 stages to a nuclear power station decommissioning:

1, Removal and disposal of fuel

2. Removal and disposal of radioactive components (reactor & steam plant)

3. Guard the site (all that concrete) for up to 1,000 years, to protect against low level radioactivity.

1. That's expensive. Especially the 1,000 years part.

2. One runs out of sites (no site reuse).

Any system should include complete cost of its entire life. Nuclear is betting on a subsidy for decommissioning.


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