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Health Net's missing drive could cost it millions


The Damages today are violation of HIPPA REGs

Frankly, the loss of so much data ought to bring the corporate death prnalty. The loss was entirely preventable and this type of gross negligence is all too common.

Gut and fillet a few of these entities that are so cavalier with our private information and the rest will get in line for secure data standards.

It is a shame that there is no legal remedy that permits the dissolution of the corporation and a lifetime bar for the corporate officers and directors working in the same field, Regulatory frameworks aren't working: only Draconian measures will get the attention of the IT industry.


Inquirer celebrates spammer murder-suicide


Safety in the US means a felon

has easy access to a weapon. It is bad enough that the fool decided to end his own life (when swearing off the Internet would be enough for most of us, albeit that there are those who would agree that burying him just to his head at low tide might be appropriate, too) but killing a spouse and child is a crime beyond cruel.

Easy access to deadly weapons makes these stories commonplace. Only in the US will the lunatics argue that weapons make us safer, as if we are all ready, willing and able to engage in the high-noon quick draw to save ourselves and families.

I notice that the 3 year-old didn't have time to defend herself with her nursery gun - and somehow, mom must have forgotten to pack heat that day.

Nope, this is the standard outcome in a nation that has taken the Beatles at their word, "Happiness is a Warm Gun."

Why couldn't gun-boy have taken up arms against his spam colleagues, instead?

Oh well, sick story, sick people and sick outcome.



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