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China ramps up space programme


Yes, that China.

It's also the one that's been making rockets for thousands of years. :)

US TKOs Antigua in bizarre WTO arbitration decision

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$21 million

That is a weekly figure, I presume. :-/

Kylie wraps herself round Dalek


awesome simile

"went down like a cup of cold sick"

That's made my day and I only just got to work. :)

Drink rats' milk, suggests battling Heather Mills



If everyone got their milk from one or more of the other 25 alternatives to cows, surely we'd need far more fo those animals.

This calls for a graph of environmental damage per litre of milk for each animal type.

California inches toward 300 megawatt solar plant


"could care less"

British people say that they couldn't care less. US people say they could care less, but it wouldn't be worth the effort. Only they shorten it.

Honda offers FCX for '08, bitchslaps Google



Did you say it's only £50,000?

Storm Worm retaliates against security researchers



That just depends on your definition. If you include the person (or more likely people) controlling the entity in your definition, then it's fair to say it has knowledge. I'd say evolving is the wrong term, though. It's more likely just adapting without any part of it being analogous to genomic information transfer.

US: Missile shield 'deactivated' until Iran tools up


Other way

What happens if they set up interceptors in the Czech Republic and Poland, but Iran send the missiles around the other way?

Pump-and-dump scammers debut MP3 spam



That's the politest spam I've ever encountered.

As for who would go for the stock tip, well maybe people who thought they were the first to get the pump and dump spam, so they could get the same benefit the spammers are hoping to get. Seems a bit risky, though.

Met used 'dum-dum' ammo on de Menezes


Reoffending rate

"The plus point of summary pavement executions is that the perpetrator re-offending rate is very low."

Mind you, it's impossible to re-offend if you are innocent in the first place.

Yahoo! Teams! With! eBay! And! PayPal! To! End! Phishing!

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Crap Joke

The whole exclamation mark joke was pretty weak in the first place, but by now it's just got tedious.

Thank you.

Microsoft eyes stake in Facebook


Ad block?

There's no need to block ads online. Your brain filters them out really efficiently after a few years of exposure.

Texas Instruments stands out with 3D TV


Sounds interesting for gamers

I can't imagine me and the girlfriend always sticking these specs on to watch TV or films, but I tend to play console games alone, so I'd only need one pair for myself. As gamers are already used to extra devices, such as controllers, headset microphones, etc. I think they'd be a more willing audience. I'm also sure that the TV will be able to be used in 2D mode without the glasses, for normal or group viewing.

Teen sticks Xbox 360 power supply in bowl of water



Which hospital?!

Stolen satnav guides thieves to owner's home



Why not just have a password that the satnav asks for on startup?

Blu-ray 300 outsells HD DVD version 2:1


Give us numbers, not ratios.

Otherwise, I'll just believe that they sold 2 copies on bluray and 1 on hddvd.

'Portable' CD player puts MP3 into a spin


Variable rotation speed

Stop trying to be smartarses and think about what the guy said. How could you approach this concept in such a way that it makes sense, rather than leaping to the conclusion that the poster was an idiot and then looking like one yourself?

When the player is reading data from the centre of the disk it has to spin the disk faster to maintain the same bit rate.

NASA releases movie-style trailer


This was really made by NASA?

Are you sure it's not from a couple of school kids with a ripped off copy of 3DS Max?

Afghanistan succumbs to killer virus hoax


Good Times

Good Times was supposed to kill your computer, not kill you. From the way this story is written it suggests people don't think their phone will get a deadly virus, but that they themselves will.


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