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RIAA tried to shake down 10-year-old daughter, suit claims


Ted Treen

Ted, I definitely agree with you about kicking all of the existing out and starting fresh. Our politicans have completely lost their sense of direction,,,,we definitely need term limits. Can't speak for your country but I do know mine needs it.

Oh, and Stephen Gray.....55% of the voting population in the US did not think that President Bush was the man for us. Many of us KNEW that John Kerry wasn't....it has become a vote for the lesser of two evils...a sorry state of affairs.


Poisonous spiders invade Britain


Global Warming????

Why is it that everything has to be because of global warming?

It is (more or less) common knowledge that the climate cycles, and the temperature is supposed to be on an uprise just about now. The greenhouse effect and all that does probably amplify it somewhat, but I still haven't read a credible report showing beyond doubt that it is made noticeably worse by man.

The best report I've read so far has data some few hundred years back which is, in this context, a short moment, and not long enough to make a reliable statistical model. For that you need accurate temperature and CO2 measurements dating back a few thousand years,

Yes, the temperature is rising now. MAYBE we can do something to slow it down. Can we stop it? No.


To this I say AMEN. I am old enough to remember that in the 1970's scientists were telling us we were heading into an ICE AGE and it would come sooner if we didn't mend our ways!!!! This is a fact, look it up. This whole global warming issue is a mechanism for unemployed scientists and their companies to get public funding and to sell newspapers/magazines.


'Please read this important email: you are being shot'


Re: Nutters vs Guns

I am a 63 year old 'Nutter' as you would call me with two sons, one of which is a law enforcement officer, and a grandson. I have worked is IS for 41 years, have a lovely wife of 44 years and belong to the NRA. Now, I don't know what I've done that qualifies me as a 'NUTTER' in your opinion but I strongly agree with the 2nd amendment in our constitution so that must be the qualifier you use.

Also, I have no idea where you get your statistics. According to the FBI statistics there were 14,980 homicides in the US in 2005, 2006 numbers are not available yet, of which 10100 were by firearms. This information is freely available on the internet (http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/05cius/offenses/expanded_information/data/shrtable_07.html ) but if you live in the UK, that information is not so freely available presumably because they don't want anyone to know. Lives saved by armed citizens information is not available because NO ONE wants to hear that number.

I own your so-called 'assault weapons' and thoroughly enjoy going out to a farm or gun range and make holes in tin cans. It is a pastime that keeps me active and my motor skills sharp. If that is another 'NUTTER' qualifier then so be it.

Also to the individual that states the guns can easily be acquired via mail order in the US has been listening to the wrong kind of news reports and/or politicians. If you wish to purchase gun via mail order, the gun must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer who then assumes the responsiblility of background checks, etc.

The two biggest problems in the current situation are the fact that aliens in the US are entitled to all the benefits provided by our constitution. That should not be the case in my opinion. Also, people with mental problems are NOT supposed to be able to purchase guns legally. There might be a loop hole there but one has to be very careful when allowing others to determine your mental condition. It should be a consensus among several professionals and carefully defined. I know this because I fell and broke my hip a year ago and, as a result of the trauma, I had irregular heartbeat which is normal according to my cardiologist. However, now I have a 'known history of heart problems' according to my medical records....there for the insurance companies to see and charge accordingly.

Perhaps I've rambled enough but there is false information in some of the comments and I just had to correct what I could. Have a great day and pray for ALL the victims of this tragedy.

An old 'NUTTER'



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