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New York threatens Comcast with anti-porn suit


Cuomo Crazy

"The Internet will recognize this damage and simply route around it. What Cuomo does not realize is the fact that his government designed it (internet) this way. Lot's of ISP's have banned all alt. and/or binary groups for quite some time. Those that are interested can always use a commercial news feed or set up your own private nntp service, so what exactly is Cuomo trying to stop here. At least Comcast understands this. Cuomo and whoever runs these other ISP's do not."

COMPLETELY agree. And for these ISPs to comply by eliminating Usenet completely is utterly ridiculous!

I found a Usenet provider though that is offering 15% off the lifetime of any subscription for anyone who has been wrongly scarred by these latest chain of events. Im happy with the service, but not related to the company in any way.


Hope this helps!



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