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Hisense 1080p Media Player


Remote Accress

From the review it sounds like it may meet my needs. Essentially I'm looking for a media streaming box that I can connect to my Dad's TV that I can remote copy content to. There's broadband in the house and the router is just by the TV but there's no computer in the place to act as a server (I had broadband put in for my own benefit when I visit).

The UI needs to be simple enough, just select a file and play (I bring my AppleTV back home when I visit and he can just about handle using it).

Just a question for those who've already got one of these, is it possible to connect directly to it via an IP address/port? (my Dad's connection has a static IP).



UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users


BBC coverage

Interesting to see BBC News woful coverage this morning - during their little spiel about illegal downloading which showed people used Limewire and torrent sites there were shots of people using iTunes!!!! Oh yes, buying items from the iTunes Store is illegal!

Does make me wonder how this is going to be monitored. I use an Apple TV at home and am often streaming god-knows-how-large files over my connection when I choose to watch a HD film. I'm sure that would set off some alarm bells if they were just monitoring your bandwidth use.

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