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Registrars turn blind eye to sites selling illegal steroids


Not sure everyone understands

FD: I am part KnujOn. This report and other work by KnujOn is to make the registrars follow Their own policies and ICANN's policies as a way of slowing down spam and crime in general. I am a strong privacy advocate and do not like the idea of being the internet police, however, we are talking about businesses, not individuals. Businesses are already required to have public information about themselves (eg the SEC for public companies, business IDs for the IRS, state registration of the business name and bank accounts). Pharmacies are licensed business and the fake pharmacies do not have licenses. Be sure that Law Enforcement will be visiting them. The registrars who cater to illegal businesses will also be visited. The average registrar is supposed to verify the whois data, so in fact they should refuse to give a domain name to someone who has not provided accurate information. The criminals rarely provide accurate data and mostly honest businesses do. This is not about censoring anyone or being politically correct.



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