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Eugene Kaspersky frustrated by Apple’s iOS AV ban


Aiming to get Bitten By Hackers

Arrogance on Apple's part. They will get hacked. Customers will get hit. Apple will go "whoops" but that won't help the customers hit.

McAfee snaps up Secure Computing


Craig Kensek

Good acquisition by McAfee. Secure Computing has great technology. Adds some credence to the "best innovations are by smaller organizations" argument. This strengthens and broadens MFE's product portfolio while giving them more bragging rights about having products in the leader's quadrants of Gartner's Magic Quadrants.

HP launches virtualization armada


As The Big Vendors Get Involved

Uh, oh, an increasing number of large vendors are getting involved. This may impact innovation. Or it may accelerate purchases by customers as they view this as further legitimization of the technology. Analysts see this as a multi-billion dollar marketplace. The $B value may be reached more quickly now.

Pwnie Awards celebrate best and worst of security


Not A Good Week For McAfee

First a $18mm judgement for patent infringement (being disputed) and now a Pwnie dishonorable mention. The horror of it all. This is no McFun for the company.

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