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Scottish gov OKs Europe's biggest onshore wind farm



"most of those props aren't spinning."

typo - sry

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re:Pish By Michael & Riddle me this? By AC

I personally live in East Kilbride - with a full view onto the Eaglesham Moor wind farm - and I can tell you right now that there is never a day when most of those props are spinning.

We usually have wind enough to spare regardless of the weather and if you knew the area these other farms are being sited (Abingdon sounds perfrect - never done the M74 without a fierce cross-wind there) then you'd know we're gnna get a good % load overall.

Of course these figures are inflated in press releases etc. - but only a fool takes those at face-value after so long under Lie-bour and B-liar - however I have to assume that sensible load estimates are part of the approval process - and as pointed out some fairly significant proposals are being turned down on a benefit vs draw-back basis.

On a personal note my 13 yr old daughter sees the spinning props as a commitment to her future and looks forward to more - screw the nimby's



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