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Sony spies Eye toy for PS3

timH ale

Niot particularly stylish though, is it?

I can understand why the microphone array is so much bigger than the lens and that it's all on a pivot so it can be directed at the action but does it really have to look like an old Logitech webcam with an elextric razor head stuck on the top?

Maybe in the style of a certain mouse manufacturer this could be called the Razer Head? Just a thought...


Why the PS3 might share the same fate as the PSP

timH ale

Advanced Audio

Scott Mckenzie asked: 'And out of interest what ground breaking graphics/sound features does the PS3 have?? Dolby 5.1 and DTS aren't even modern, i have a 5 year old AV amp that does those.... as for the graphics, again not exactly revolutionary!'

Sony have added support for Dolby's lossless TrueHD codec which is so new (apparently) that most AV kit doesn't support it yet! Like you I have an older amp and I'm finding the DTS sound to be more than enough at the moment.

The issue with the graphics is more one of developer familiarity with the hardware rather than anything else, I think. My original comparisson with DirectX was to illustrate that a change in the infrastructure (hardware/API) is followed by a delay in the software developers getting the most out of it and that the PC is as affected by this as anything else.

Having said that, the PS3 can output a new colour gamut (I'm going from memory now) to improve the picture quality so in some respects the graphics are cutting edge.



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