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Twitter overrun by weekend of powerful worm attacks

John Grasett
Paris Hilton


Twitter - you can't have it (without|unless you are a) <fill_in_the_blank>!

Choose One of the options below:

1. wit

2. twit

I bet Paris is baffled by the question!

Paris ups sticks to London

John Grasett

Leave Canada Out of This!

@Mike Smith - Pamela is Canadian! ThankYouVeryMuch for leaving us out of the Celebutard sweepstakes.

BOFH: The Mandelboat virus

John Grasett

Yuppers - it's official!

Mines the one with the hanky in the pocket, for wiping the laughter-tears away.

The entry indeed does exist. Have ot add it to my watchlist to make sure no wiki-good-two-shes tries to get it deleted.

Farkin hilarious chapter too - hence the jacket.

BOFH: Back in the saddle

John Grasett

Reminds me of the really old days...

When I pulled coax around the ceiling the college where I was BOFH - gosh, these days people come in and do it for you? I even had the 3 bladed cutting tool and the crimper to attach the BNC connectors. Ah, the joys of trying to find a bad connection in a lab with 30 or so PC's in it...I bet I still have one of the termintors I kept on my keyring around here someplace....

...mines the coat that the 80's called and wants back.

Prime Minister's email takes month off

John Grasett

This couldn't be the reason - no sir eh, Bob.

Aide loses Blackberry in China after inviting a woman up to his room.


Must just be a coincidence. Right?

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