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World's fastest production car to gain electric twin


From a standard power outlet?

Guessin that it'll need a battery energy capacity of at least 30KWH to give 150 miles of endurance (for a head-shaped figure, one gallon of petrol contains ~9KWH of energy). Charging in 10 mins therefore requires more than 180KW of power, a current of over 1600Amps at 110V. This is beyond the capacity of household power supplies; a copper busbar witha cross section of around 1200mm would be required required to carry that sort of current.

PA Consulting begs for mercy after data loss axing


Official Secrets Act?

Question: At what point does the official secrets act come into play? One assumes that sensitive data processed in-house by the Home Office is thoroughy covered by this, but is it (and can it be made to be) applicable to out-sourced work ?

Dell's Ubuntu love-in expands to new laptops


Cost of Vista OEM?

Just priced several identical 1525's on Dell UKs website - the saving from taking Ubuntu over Vista Home Premium is consistently £24.99.

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