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French get pre-pay iPhone 3G

Tony Naqvi
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How do these corporations get away with ripping people off like this?

Even if you get an iphone under contract - most of the price plans are crap in comparison of ther plans.

The stock shortage in the UK is laughable at best, unlawful at worst since it seems a deliberate attempt by Apple to increase demand in there product (think Wii).

What is it with Apple anyhow? Does it really have such little faith in the commercial success of iphone that it needs to resort to such underhand tactics? Did the demand for the original (and pre-sale of the 3G version) not give it some indicator as to demand?

How could O2 not see this coming? How could they have such short-sightedness that their servers would buckle under the strrain of new registrations!

And then Apple boast of a 1 million units sold in the first week. Are you kidding!

I'm seriously in danger of becoming as cynical about these things are the reg! :(



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