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The cute things they say

Gerard McGill

User: nothing is working

helpdesk: OK can you try a reboot first

User: Phone goes down ..... large bang ... OK is did do that first but it didn't help.

helpdesk: What do you think a reboot is ?

User: I kicked it


French get pre-pay iPhone 3G

Gerard McGill

Picked up one at lunch time

Im down in France on holiday, went in to the FT shop and bought one. Finding out how to unlock it too about 20 min but the staff were very helpfull since I was the 4th iphone sale of the day, and they had plenty of stock .

You buy your phone and take the mobicart sim add 100€ of credit (costs 75€ as you get 25€ free) acitvate it in itunes then dila 3972 and ask for your phone to be simlock free and they take the 100€ from your account.

Im in the process of doing it now, you either have 72 houres to do it in or it will take 72 hours. I lost a bit in the translation.

684€ unlocked for a 16G



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