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Will News of the Screws reappear as Sunday.co.uk?

Tony Bloke

Football defines the timetable

Coulsen said in his interview yesterday that the decision for a 7-day Sun would be "one for the coming weeks". Expect no longer than that.

The new football season starts on 13th August. The "Sunday" will be out on the 14th, if not before. A few weeks of buttering up their Sun-tastic readership will be all that is required.

Most people may see it as an obvious sham, but I don't have that faith in their readership - after all, why boycott a sunday edition of the same rag they read on the other 6 days?

Yes! It's the iPad jacket!

Tony Bloke

Looks like they've been browsing b3ta...


Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'

Tony Bloke

Am I missing something?

"As expected, the iPad's raison d'être, according to Jobs, is to be a mobile video-watching, book-reading, game-playing, photo-perusing, music-listening, web-surfing, and email-emailing device."

So, it's a laptop?

Google's email service goes down

Tony Bloke

Back up now

and still saying "BETA" in the title.

You get what you pay for.

Brits won't get PS3 movie, TV downloads until 2009

Tony Bloke


Shame, I was quite looking forward to this, and the PAL conversion isn't an issue for me as I'd only be interested in the HD content anyway - or until I see how much they'll charge for this of course.

Oh well, if it's not in place for the next season of BSG, I'll get it elsewhere...

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