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French storm the bastille over 'Sarkozy's Big Sister' database


And what makes you think...

...that the powers that be don't already have a database that does just this? After all if you have a criminal record you can bet you are already on a database and if you have adriver's licence you are on one if you have a new passport you are on one, if you vote you will be on one... etc.

I would expect any government with half a brain to compile all this information and be profiling the country every which way. Which is probably why our goverment doen't have one... Oh Gordon when will you sod off?

Apple code of secrecy imperils Aunt Mildred

Jobs Horns

Genius is an idiot

Genius as a way to get you to listen to more tunes is interesting but the curent offerings are frankly rubbish. To test out the '"Genius" I was listening to some luvy duvy Soul music slow smoochy stuff. What did it suggest? Well it got the Soul/R&B stuff but it didn't have a clue about the mood. Mood killers are not useful at all. Next comes the iTunes store suggestions from the "Genius" and it suggested a bunch of songs I ALREADY OWN!!!! This is so basic it's not funny.

The Grid view is utter rubbish too. I very rarely play full albums - I much prefer my own playlists. You can't seem to click on an album to see the tracks like in coverflow either. Very poor.

I like my mac, I like my iPhone and my iPod touch. What I don't like is Apple trying to predict my tastes. Sure it's early days but until they even get decent tempo indicators they can forget it. The last thing I need is to be listening to Barry White gettin' in the mood for lurve and then have MC Hammer singing "You can't thouch this..."

( Enjoy singing that all day by the way :D )

Mythbusters RFID episode axed after 'pressure' from credit card firms

Black Helicopters


RFID = Oyster cards in London. The thing we use to pay for our bus train tube and tram fares (yes I am from flippin Croydon). I have read articles about these things being hackable in theory. I have also seen stuff on the news about fake credit card factories (we had one of them in Croydon too ^^ ).

I thought everyone knew that all electronic swipe cards weren't 100% secure just like them key fob thingys, they have an alogorithm that in theroy can be hacked. And then there was the EU court that recently told some University that they couldn't publish their security-myth-busting report. I thought news about this crud being hackable was all over the Reg at least once a month. Oh wait this is this month's article isn't it?

Still I'd just liek to jump on the Mythbusters bandwagon and say how much I enjoy the show. But to be fair in the audience at the show where this was recorded someone did mention to Mr Savage that none of the audience were obliged to keep shtum.

Retraction or not, I don't like credit card companies or their lawers - the whole concept of 'credit' is just a way of screwing over people so you can charge exorbitent intrest rates. It's the culture of spend now pay later that has got the UK on the brink of recession. I say bollocks to the bankers; show them all up for the technically illiterate greedy little sh*tebags they are.

Oh and who's to say that the credit card lawyers didn't tell Discovery to tell Mr Savage to say that?

McKinnon loses Lords appeal


Dodgy security or not...

didn't the idiot think he might get into a teensy weensy bit of trouble if he hacked US military computers? He may not be a master criminal but he is a bloody fool. He also had plenty of time to plead an open and honest case rather than wasting time and pissing off everybody.

Recently the British public were up in arms about data being lost by various government bodies, what do you think they would have thought is they found that someone had hacked into the sytstem for this information?

Hacking doesn't happen by accident or by chance, it's a concious action that is done with intent. Bollocks to him.

Apple swipes £121 for 'free' MobileMe trial

Jobs Halo

Old news....

Actually if you read any of the mac sites you will know that his is old news and that Apple are already investigating. They have already given an extra month free to those affected by the dodgy mobile me launch. They have admitted there was a problem and compensated their customers just like any half decent company would.

Apple has that syncing feeling over MobileMe


Oh noes! I have to think for myself!

Dodgy advertising aside, it's not that much of a hardship to sync if you are leaving your desktop to go out and about. I don't trust technology that much when I have important things to do.

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