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Congress accuses American Phorm of 'beating consumers'

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Colonel in '10?

I have long contemplated running for U.S. Congress on my own platform. This is one of the things I can use to land myself in D.C.

I promise that if given an answer like Dykes provided I would ask him again and advise him that he better cut the horseshit this time or I'll stop his testicles flat. Let's see some other politico say that.

MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed


Not that old

I'm 28 and have used Win 3.11 as recently as 2000. I had changed jobs from a company using NT4 and felt pretty dirty. Thankfully I moved to a new project and got some newer kit shortly after that.

I have a functioning Trash-80 CoCo at home sitting next to my Odyssey 2. I was the only 6 year old anybody knew back then who could use BASIC.

South African survives exploding fridge attack



"without a trace of sophistication like you Brits have, especially the Liverpool fanatics ;-)"



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