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Thecus N4310 4-bay: A NAS-ty beast for the budget-conscious

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yes...HP Microserver N36L ( you can get them for pennies on flebay )

Run Open Media Vault..

Does all the normal NAS stuff..and more..

and thanks to a DVBS2 card does TV with multi channel record, live pause..

and it doesn't have some crappy 9v power brick..

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


How to ruin everyones Friday...

1st thought...MY EYES!!! Its like I'm stuck in some digital whiteout, with a sniff of the BBC ( which I could never understand / use )


Please can we have the option of turning this off and going back to what was not broke and didn't need fixing..

And next time.. please don't ask the PFY to come up with the Web 2.0 design..

Video: Dyson unveils robotic tank that hoovers while you're out


sounds neato

My neato vx-21 ( yes the name is off-putting ) laser scans and builds up a picture of the room. Navigates the whole flat and returns to charge, even when I moved the charge bay to another room.

Its vastly superior to the old roomba that was dumber than Adam Sandler movie.. and sucked just as much..

I'm sure the Dyson will be good.. but you can pick up a neato for a lot less..

You need a list of specific unknowns we may encounter? Huh?


I think your maybe me.. or maybe I'm you..

anyway.. have a beer..

nice to know I'm not the only one..

Backup bods Acronis extend disk-imaging support to Macs at last


you don't need extemz ip to get Time Machine to run over SMB network shares. agreed its still only Time Machine and limited as a backup, but zero cost... and people like free.

considering AFP is being phased out, extremez ip is really just clinging onto legacy...

there are other very good, Mac enterprise backup products out there..

Acer pulls out Wang, thrusts its wealth at Ho


nice title

Its friday at ElReg towers for sure...

also Dell sprays hot fluid..?

OCZ exposes bulging solid disk for 2012


hmm.. hard drives now £££££ and scarce.... SDD sales up..

handy that HDD are now like golden hens teeth...

Its almost like a conspiracy..

I'm still weeping into my keyboard at buying 2TB for £85 each.. £85!!

Disk prices double after flood - and could 'double again'



Samsung HD204UI Spinpoint F4 2TB Hard Drive SATA 5400RPM 32MB £179.99


found 2TB @ Amazon for £80

Seagate ST2000DL003 Barracuda Green

Not the best drive.. but guess it will do?

thanks for heads up


I needz drivz

I'm in the market for 4 x 2TB sata... last week they were £55 and in stock, this week when I go to buy they are £125 out of stock.. link please to decent 2TB drive thats cheap and in stock!

London 2012 Olympics: 17000 athletes, 11000 computers


only 50m pool??

in SE England.. only other than the one which is in SE London, thats been there for quite a while and is 50m.

here is a pic just in case:


Could have saved a lot of money by using Crystal Palace National Sports centre for the games, but everything has to be built in East London...

Apple sells world's most expensive flash drive

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Mine is on order... Cos I know what i'm doing..

For business this is what has been needed for the last few years.

This will install 10.7 onto 'nearly' any intel Mac, one OS installer for all.

Anyone that has been dealing with enterprise Apple deployments will know its been a real ball-ache for quite a few years.

This will simplify it back to 'how things used to be'

Not that i'm deploying 10.7 to ANYONE for 12 months..

iPhone 3G not compatible with existing accessories

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Its been like this since the touch.. and a fix

I've had a Kenwood IP500 installed for quite a while.. works great.. but it never charged my iPod touch... nor now my iPhone...

its a pain, but things change..... old hardware working with new devices is never a perfect science

This looks like the fix to me...


Will have to wait and see in a couple of months.. if it works they could make a packet!

Carphone Warehouse now taking iPhone 3G orders


yes no, but no, but yes..

So, I just thought, what hell, n boarded the CPW numpty bus @ 3:30pm, much later than others, but I was in town.. in CPW asking about iPhone stock!?

My order went though without an issue... something must be wrong!

Email confirmation of my order...hmm.. seems to be working..

Text.. confirming order and collection from local CPW... ok.. happy smiles and nod of approval from work colleagues.

Friday 11th July 2008, 7am, off to local CPW, arrive to find small que of three others.. this could work!

8:03am doors open and I'm sat with CPW staffer... looks like I'm sorted!

Present paperwork showing order confirmation... this was a BAD MOVE!

Confusion abounds, delivery not in.. mine's on the delivery.. no problem I say I'll just take one from stock now... CPW staffer goes off to get it..

Sat with new 16GB iPhone 3G in front of me.. this could work!

But.. I can't take that one.. no no.. its not mine..

Cancel my web order...

If I cancel the web order then you have to wait 30 days before you can order ( I think that is probably A LIE!)

So, I have one in front of me, but I'm not allowed it.. most annoyed..

As is the guy next to me, trying to get his iPhone 1.0 upgraded..

computer says no!

Told to come back when the delivery arrives.. mine will be on the pre 9 delivery...

One vente caramel macchiato and two silk cut graphite later I back in O2 and breathing down their necks! But the coffee & ciggerette breath does nothing..

They stand their ground..

My phone is NOT on the pre 9 delivery.. but it WILL be couriered to the store between 12-2:30...

Thank CPW staff for their help, after all they are just pawns in a rather bad game of MouseTrap...

2:30 pm.. call and speak to nice girl from CPW...

We have no record of you order what so ever.. well I have one email saying you ordered it, but nothing else...

She took my details and promised a call back as / if / when it arrived...

Some time later that day.. I received an email.. from CPW...

"Thank you for ordering the iPhone 3G!

You'll be pleased to know that you'll soon be on your way to becoming the owner of this revolutionary mobile phone.

We're currently experiencing high demand for this product, so there maybe a small delay with the delivery of your new iPhone 3G. But don't worry this will be sent to you on Saturday 12th July."

Cool (other than I'm now about 100 miles from the CPW store, its a work thing!)

Monday.. Monday is fine.. I can do Monday.. it is after all only a phone...

then I get...

"unfortunately, the item you ordered is temporarily out of stock. We do make every effort to ensure that only items that are in stock appear on the website, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

O..K... its arriving TOMORROW, but its out of stock!?

The road to iPhone 3G continues... I await more contradicting emails...

But.. I'm sure it will all be ok...

And I may even get some free airtime?

3G iPhone disassembled, photographed

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no flash, but that missed the point

I agree, a flash would be great.. and by flash I mean flash, like on the K800i, not some silly white LED that pretends to do n anything worth while... but that kinda flash eats battery ( I think) and while in the UK n possibly Europe we like to MMS, its not so widespread in the US ( I think) and this IS a US centric device, that has been slightly upgraded for a wider market.. maybe iPhone G3 (rather than 3G!) will have one??

But as per title, the lack of flash (and not the other flash) misses the point, the camera is really just a 'cos we have to', the iPhone is a 'communications' device, rather than a phone, its not even a smart phone, its a hand held 'mu-mac' <--( i'll trade mark it now!) which like it or not is changing the mobile communications market, for the better.

Its not perfect, but then nothing IS perfect and it may not be your 'cup of tea' but despite lacking all the thing AC listed.. its still a LOT better than any other communications convergence device that I've used.. and I've used quite a few.

I'll be very happy with mine.. once it finally arrives.. and thats another story all together!

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