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Oz journo pokes PARIS


Where are the airships?

LOHAN - Low Orbit Hot Air Non-rigid airship

Also known as a balloon.

Top Ten Retro PC Games


RE: Thief

Agreed, Thief is brilliant, though I guess there's only so many games you can put on a top ten list!

I hope you're aware of the many (over 700) fan made missions for Thief (mostly Thief 2), some of them better than the originals. Since it's Halloween time, I'll put a shout out for an amazing mission called 'Rose Cottage' which is a must play. If you only play one FM, make it this one.

El Reg net closes on Street View fleet


Intent on global domination

World domination, could it be any clearer?

LJ08 AYB - All Your Base

LJ08 AYV - All Your Villages

LJ08 AYW - All Your World

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