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Oracle gives 21 (new) reasons to uninstall Java

Colin Reid

We need an Ellison Icon!!!

Compared to other platforms, there are very few client-side apps that require java, but as some of the users noted above there are some very specific but very helpful apps out there. As a long term java developer, I have never written any published client side code - it's all code for servers which in the most part is not going to be affected by security problems since the VM is only running code that I write, not the code some scallywag wrote to pump my system full of crap.

That being said, I think to boldly say to everybody to uninstall Java is a pretty strong statement, and something that is only going to contribute to the bad press Java has been getting recently due to the er-so-hated Oracle and it's fight with the world. These are troubling times for us Java developers, and I dont like reading articles liek this!

Which brings me to another point - of all the icons I can attach to my ramblings on Reg, including Bill and Steve, surely it's time we had a halo/horns icon of Mr Ellison? In fact, you might has well leave out the halo image, it wont be needed ...


IT grad claims £5m for crap degree

Colin Reid

Poor guy ...

One thing this guy would definetly get an 'A' in - being a dick. It would be interesting to know the cost of the legal fees he's been hit with.


Ex-Verizon techie cuffed for 5,000 'chat' line calls

Colin Reid
Paris Hilton

Simple test for guilt

Surely there is one simple test to determine if he's guilty or not.

I call it the 'hairy hands and impaired vision' test.

Paris, cause she makes my hands hairy.


Fears mount over missing Webroot founder

Colin Reid

Some decroum please

I'm disappointed to read some of these comments. I felt very sad after reading this story, I hope for his and his family's sake that he turns up safe.



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