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HTC peeves punters with One X woes

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And i have 4 of them...

Yep as the title.. i have 4 of them (for my business) and have no real issues with any of them, Battery life is better than my legend (ok not a great example) and when it has little use can easily acheive 6 days standby with around 45 minutes of screen time. XDA is a forum and as such attracts people with something negative to say. Personally i think the phone looks feels and performs great but appreciate there will be some faulty ones.

To put it into context, look at the tranformer, the LG, the motorola, the galaxy nexus launches.. they also (and in some cases still do) have issues. For most users the One X isnt a bad launch and after a month they are just rolling the second software update.. keep going with the software updates and all will be good fairly quickly! Oh and they are also reliant on Nvidia for a lot of the fixes...

Just my 5c worth (2c doesnt exist down under)

HTC One X Android smartphone

Steve Oliver

Re Standby

The standby on this thing is huge.. while away for easter, with 3g data on, syncing weather, gmail & contacts and a very small amount of use checking email and ocean forecasts (i am only talking about standby time here so minimal use) the battery was at 52% after 3 days, the other one x we have had zero use and was at 72% with data on but no email syncing. This is in Oz with software 1.26. Actual usage is about the same as my htc legend which with standard use requires charging every day now vf aus have sorted out the data / battery drain issue.

UK's 'elitist' immigration rules billed for January 2008

Steve Oliver

at long last....

i have also been through the Aussie style immigration process.. and recently it has been improved.. it still took over a year to get the Visa but wasnt that painful.. the one thing it does mean is that you really really have to want to come over here and therefore you do the work...

also you arent allowed to claim anything for at least 2 years..

The immigration policy of the UK was one of the reasons i finally upped and left the country.. the place has been ruined by uncontrolled immigration and ridiculous laws that give all the rights to the scumbags.. and none to the workers...

rant over... lets hope for the UK's sake they do it before the country collapses under the benefit burden...

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