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Freeview HD EPG debuts on iPhone

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It's a cost thing

Developing for one phone with a large market share (especially amongst those who use the device for things other than calling and texting), which has a decent set of dev tools and can provide a consistent experience, a reliable and proven distribution channel (buy a dev account, take it from there) and predictable support costs vs developing 40 different versions for Symbian or Java to take care of all the different variants (including the same device on different networks), with much higher unpredictable support and maintenance costs and no decent distribution mechanism. Is it any wonder?


O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

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Carphone Warehouse don't care about their existing customers

I waited ages in line at my local CPW store, they then spent an hour doing the wrong credit check on me; as a new customer rather than existing CPW customer, despite me telling them many times. They then realise their mistake when the check goes through, and they tell me the system is down for existing customers and can I come back later.

No apologies, no attempt to put their mistake right, nothing. Is it any wonder the high street is dying when it's staffed by idiots.

They're basically saying they have you on a contract and they'll treat you anyway they like.



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