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3 days on: The iPhone users still to make a call


Purchased mine just now, called home as I left the Apple store

Sounds like O2 are really not looking after their "first day" customers. Popped into my local Apple store just now and purchased one, and apart from them having to do my URU check by hand (servers down again) it was all working by the time I left the store.

Did O2 really not plan for so many people wanting one, even after they got such a large response to their pre-registration.

(Happy face - as mine works)

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

Gates Horns

Apple Store has loads - O2 say musn't sell them

Just called my local Apple store and they've got loads of iPhones of all sizes and colours (yes - I was offered a white one). However, unfortunately they've been told by O2 they're not allowed to sell any of them because of the O2 system issues. The Apple guy sounded quite annoyed that their big UK launch had halted before anyone even managed to buy one.

Oh well guess I'll go in and get mine on Monday - by then I might be able to activate it while I'm in the Apple store, rather than relying on someone from O2 to type across all my hand written details correctly.

Carphone Warehouse now taking iPhone 3G orders


Something Fishy!

Likewise, iPhone all ordered at 2pm today, then all of a sudden at 9pm tonight I receive texts and emails stating:

"Your order has been cancelled ... We have now processed it through our secure systems, but are unable to despatch the item to you for security reasons. This order has now been cancelled."

Sounds to me more like someone sold more stock than they really had available today, or is their store I was having it dispatched to really that unsecure!!

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