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Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc-scratch problem, employee claims

Christian Wootton
Gates Horns

no surprises at the lack of nouse in some people

Gods, I work selling preowned consoles and pc gubbins to the general populace and am ALWAYS getting people trying to sell in 360 disks with lovely big rings carved into the disks... every single one of them has a 360 sat vertically "like on the tv ads".

Of course, it's not just 360s that will do this, and console sat on its edge has a chance to do it.. 360s just seem to do it if you walk past them heavy footed :P


The people behind the tills listening to the PA play alestorm while swigging coffee and explaining to you very very very slowly that your console chewed the disk knows what they are on about.


Minister urges end to videogame rating feud

Christian Wootton


It's so frustrating being an anonymous till monkey for a medium sized chain knowing full well that the copy of Devil May Cry 4 or Jericho mummy just bought is going straight into the hands of little "psycho-in-training" just to keep the little reprobate quiet for a couple of hours.

The BBFC classifications are fine, and when we enforce them that's great... but if you end up selling some 18 title to someone and then before they even get out of the store they hand it off to their kid who yells "cool! you can cut off heads!" you just wish you were allowed to walk up take it back and refund the cash saying "you're a moron".



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