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If they can break the law, why can't we?


And this proves my point

All the recent activity by MPs / Lords etc etc only proves my held view that anyone who wants to hold an elected public office should have to submit to 6monthly CAT/fMRI scans of their brains and a psychological evaluation.

With the results naturally a matter of public record. As when our so called 'leaders' are so nuts the rest of the world is laughing at us whats the point of having any?

Teen sacked for 'boring' job Facebook comment


title required

I like how everyone saying that looking at 16 year old girls profiles is a bordline peado, but correct me if i'm wrong but the legal age for sex is still 16 and it doesnt have any restrictions on age either like US law does.

Child porn in the age of teenage 'sexting'



Since when did facts or logic or even truth ever factor into anything resembling the law??

Terry Pratchett knighted for services to literature


I bow to Sir Pratchett

I had the great pleasure of meeting him once at a book signing, and managed to have a small lil 5min chat with him. He was a wonderful fellow & a more kind, generous and rumour filled fellow I tihnk it would be impossible to find.

He thought me a new word too, Cornucopia. Reading his book is always a pleasure & I was greatly saddened by the news of his condition, it is good for the whole world he is carrying on his works.

Well deserved and by far too long delayed.

Well done Sir Pratchett :) You are the greatest & hopefully long may you continue.

p.s. I do so hope you get to tie up Death in knots & riddles, hopefully you can get Binky on your side ;)

Is filming someone in the street a breach of privacy?



if you are on a public steet and the person with the camera is also on a public street then where is your expectation of privacy ??

If you wanted privacy you shouldnt have gone out. You cant expect to be free from everything if you interact with public society.

Plod punishes PC-reliant businesses


errr Dex, just one point, or two..

First, you dont have the right to remain silent in the UK, its assumed to be an admission of guilt if you dont respond, not to mention you could then be had for contempt of court etc.

Oh and they can make you hand over the codes per the RIP Act (not sure which section) which makes it a crime carrying both a fine & prison sentence if you dont hand over decryption codes/passwords etc when asked to do so by the 'security' services.

BNP races to get membership list off the net



You know its really sad, the whole affair, both the BNP losing the list and their response and the response of those who are gainst the BNP.

neither side is smelling of roses atm.

a nice Fail for the lot of you involved

Flame on

Retro piracy - Should the Royal Navy kick arse?


Easy solution

The easiest solution for the UK to protect UK registered ships (which really isnt so much of a problem) would be to put a small detachment of Royal Marines on each ship and charge the ship owner a small fee for such protection.

That or just start arming the sailors on these vessels and training them in firearms use.

Once the pirates start having heavy losses when boarding vessels then they will stop, till then they will continue to chance it.

Police vet live music, DJs for 'terror risk'


title required

to describe this along with other things that this gov/political police force are forcing onto us all in the guise of fighting terrorism


Boffins: global warming kills lemmings, not suicide


what! lemmings aret suicidal!?!?!

Now come on folks we've all seen the evidence ourselves, dont let these revisionist scientists turn you away from the truth.

Lemmings do kill themselves, I saw em do it on my computer monitor :P


/goes away to dust off old copy of lemmings and a 486 to play it on and mass murder a whole bunch of the dumb things

Porn breath tests for PCs heralds 'stop and scan'



Utterly disgusting that authorities across the world feel the need to pry into our lives without any kind of reasonable suspicion first. I wonder if this software will be able to magically work out the difference between legal porn / child porn and of course digital copies of works of art (some of which today would be considered illegal by most)

Ahh yes but of course its the typical scenario of an IT provider decided to stick their snout into a gov's trough by lying and overstating how good and powerful their solutions are and damn all of us little people.

A stop&search culture for laptops / computing devices eh? can we all say 'over-reaction' or 'excessive powers' ?? Can we? I bloody well hope so!

/one ticket off this world, any passing craft will do. Species & destination irrelevant. Available to leave immediately

Student charged after alerting principal to server hack


Typical response really

Its just a normal response from a school with egg on its face. At least now the student is well aware that anything to do with security should never ever be mentioned to those charged with maintaining that security. (no thats not sarcasm thats really what you should avoid doing if you dont wanna end up like this poor kid)

I recall been excluded from the final week at my high school simply for casually mentioning to another tech friend while in a computer room how easy it would be to plant a virus of almost any kind up the schools system due their lack of any comprehensive A/V and the very lax security measures that would allow it to roam freely. Shame a teacher overheard me and thought I was planning on doing exactly that. Not even the protests of the IT staff (who all knew me and knew I wouldnt bother wasting my time doing that, theres no point or reward to it) could convince the school Admin I wasnt a nasty terrorist hacker. Oh well you live and learn, at least it was long enough ago that people didnt think about calling the police for everything thing.

Germans give peeking Google one in the eye



While the given reasons are somewhat silly, if the majority of the people living there dont want streetview to take pictures in their area and have their local gov enact bylaws to that affect what exaclty is the problem?? Or did we forget about that lil thing called democracy?

Google doesnt have carte blanche to archive the whole world, nor to ignore laws either local or national which is has been know to do in the past.

Add the that the question of do we really need the whole world snapped and recorded on the net? What hapened to going somewhere to find out about it? or holidays? soo people wont even leave their bedrooms, if they even do now

Mario and Eee PC Girl bust Best Buy profits


wrong EEE girl

damnit when are you gonna listen to your readers, we wont the other EEE girl, the cute looking one

Pentagon hacker McKinnon earns extradition delay


@ Justin again

before this treaty both the US and UK when extriditing a citizen from each other had a hearing in court to prove a probable cause, part of those hearings was the presentation of prima-facie evidence. Since this treaty has been in use the US has only had to accuse (Not show any evidence whatsoever) whereas the UK still have to show prima-facie evidence even with this treaty

Now do you see the imbalence?? It might not be written like that in the treaty but that is how it works in the legal system. Paper promises look good but rarely ever happen, the treaty is one-sided, biased and it could even be said that the UK leadership at the time of signing has a case to answer of treason over it if you want to be really extreme. To put it bluntly the treaty rides roughshod over the protections for UK citizens against malicious prosections while providing the US even more


@ Justin Smith

Of course the US can drag its feet, or even outright refuse, extriditing someone... not unlike the UK is doing with McKinnon right now.

The UK isnt dragging its feet or refusing to extridite him, the accused is using all open legal channels to challenge the extradition order. Its nothing to do with the UK gov whatsoever, or would you like us to ignore laws just so you can hang, draw and someone who essentially did the US a favour especially when you consider the increase in cyber attacks in the last few years.

Just to mention while you saying the US/UK treaty is fair. for the US to extradite someone they just have to accuse the person of a crime, vice versa the UK hhas to provide prima-facia evidence a requirement that doesnt apply to US requests

Minister urges end to videogame rating feud

Dead Vulture

heres an idea :P

How about the really unique idea of parents and video game retailers taking responsibilty for their own actions.

Many a time i've been in a branch of game/gamestation or some local video game retailer and seen games with bbfc ratings on them been sold to children under that age rating, usually with their parents in some other part of the shop waiting for them after giving them the cash for the game.

We dont more ratings, what we need is people to step up and admit when they have done something wrong or made a mistake both by parents and retailers.

Having said that tho, how your brought up counts as well. My parents always took an interest in what i was doing and playing as a child and took great pains to highlight the differences when i was too young to know them, now if i get annoyed at someone or something winds me up i fire up a copy of doom2 and plough through 10 or so levels to calm me down and it goes no further, much cheaper and more effective than any kind of counselling etc etc. Of course parents today dont take such an interest anymore (on the whole) so todays kids cant see why its wrong to kill a real person and why they dont just get right back up again after they've been shot.

Personal responsibility, its something alien to this world.

/note to all aliens watching this world, can i have one ticket off this rock please??

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