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Dogs and arson feature in top 10 data recovery disasters



What data did they manage to recover from a keyboard doused in wine? and how the hell's that a top 10 item? slow year for data recovery, or should the title have been the 'only 10' data recovery disasters by datalabs this year

CERN: LHC to fire first proton-smash ray next month


@AC re:Nothing useful...

...ever came out of CERN

mmmm, really? How about the WWW?

Then again, it's responsible for you posting that comment so maybe not...

Jobs in 'Apple not perfect' shock

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Yeah, they admit it 'internally', this is a leaked email remember, no public admission. I'm sure MS know that Vista blows big time too, we just haven't seen the leaked emails to confirm it (not that we need confirmation of course)

Paris, cause she knows how to turn blowing into a positive

Microsoft's Live Mesh doesn't want you

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@They tell you, 'Change your regon to "US"'

Yeah, that's what they said, but I'm running the Live Mesh tech preview here (UK) without changing any settings whatsoever. Got the invite, signed in, added device, client installed, instant 5Gb's extra storage, no complaints anywhere about not being in the US.

(and yes, I do use the UK keyboard and region settings b4 someone pipes up I must have US settings, I'm no fekin noob, ok)

btw, I'm no MS fanboi (Vista's a joke), but when the news is mentioned about the preview all over the web is it any wonder they suffered a bit of a /. moment with the site. After all, MS only released the info quietly in the live forums, not by official means, so I kind of agree with KenBW2 here.

My biggest gripe is the need to use IE because of an active-x control required for the desktop client, about time MS ditched that dated, buggy, hole infested proprietary active-x crap once and for all, aside from that I'm quite happy having another on-line storage facility to dump backups on.

Paris, cause I'd like to see her in mesh (stockings of course ;) )

Clay minerals point to vast Martian lakes

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@AC re @Neil Barnes

@AC re the lovely Sarah (not that I disagree) but you bloody creep


and to quote the Moderatrix

Because the boat.

Hawkeye technology turns tennis into a cartoon

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@michael W - slowmo

You're not on your own with the thoughts on the BBC's continual use of 'moody' slow mo' shots. I reckon they were for the benefit of HD viewers myself, but they just got on my tits with it, thankfully, didn't seem to happen as much in the final though.

As for the article itself, mountain out of mole-hill, seems to me. As someone mentioned, bias, conscious or not can happen when humans get involved, the machine suffers no such emotions. Close calls are inevitable with tiny balls travelling in excess of 100mph, the hawk-eye system introduces some fairness, and levels things out a little, after all either side could benefit from the same 5mm tolerance. Besides which, pre hawk-eye, was it any better? Even if you could determine accurately from a replay that a call was wrong, did it make any difference to the call? Not one bit, so what's the big deal? Aw, boo, you didn't see the replay! Get a PVR, rewind and replay to your hearts content, and stop bloody whining. (still won't change the outcome though will it?)

Paris, cause I'm sure she knows all about using cameras to get results

AVG chokes fake traffic spew

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I believe the 'silent majority' you refer to are silent because they are blissfully unaware of LinkScanners' potential to do more harm than good. As an IT security 'expert' shouldn't you be doing more to ensure your users are aware of the threats they face in the course of their surfing, rather than relying on someone else to do the job for you? And while you're at it, ask your IT department if they appreciate the increased bandwidth costs involved user-side for no actual real-world benefit.

Oh, and as a webmaster, sorry, but the argument 'sacrifices need to be made' smacks of Roger Thompson's own 'omelettes and eggs' argument when originally questioned by El Reg. Is that really you, Roger?


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